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End of Days Vision: AMD and NVIDIA video cards work together, and it works well

Microsoft has assured us that 12 will allow us to mix Of various kinds. The next experiment proves that this is certainly feasible

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Arrays In 2015-kissing-2016 are no longer a dirty word or domain of the rich. Game mismatches, microstating, card imbalances and other troublesome problems are already behind us, for the most part, and many users buy their video card twice and get an improvement Which is related to 100%.

After all, with the graphics card arrays, the condition was and remains the same: Want more than one video card in SLI or CrossFire mode? It must be completely the same card (except for cases where the core is the same). The ability to mix cards from different models, or more than that, from different companies, remained a wet dream, despite attempts to break through the aforementioned flaw, such as the Israeli LucidLogix company with Hydra chip its.


But when Microsoft announced DirectX 12 it dropped a bomb: 12 will allow us to mix video cards of any type and series, whether it comes from a notebook Or notebook . After attempts to allow this, this knowledge is taken with limited liability, especially when one considers the ability of the drivers of the various companies to function together. However, the next experiment dispels skepticism and shows that finally, it is quite possible. But there's a Couch.

If you want to use a pair of non-identical video cards, not only will they have to be fully supported 12, except you can get the above advantage in supporting games 12 only. Also, the percentage of performance improvement is only 50%, far from that concept in the array Or CrossFire.

Also, it is apparent that the power of the main video card has a direct impact on performance, so the main video card is more powerful than the subnet it provides Higher than the opposite.

mgu1mgu3mgu3mgu6mgu5 Despite all this, it must be taken into account that this technology is in its infancy, and the drivers of the various companies are not even programmed to work together. We'll probably see below how companies are dealing with the idea in their device managers. What is certain, this is an impressive beginning of a breakthrough on this subject.

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  1. "After retrying this, this knowledge was taken on a limited basis, especially when considering the ability of the drivers of the various companies to function together."

    Retrying attempts ?! I suppose you meant false attempts?

  2. a question:
    Is it similar to:
    GTX970 + GTX960 __ – __ will be equal to __ – __ GTX980?

  3. To 1stcowgirl - note the quote "Also, the percentage of performance improvement is only on the 50% area, completely far from the SLI or CrossFire system."

  4. Most interesting question - how much FPS can the built-in processor add to a powerful card? After all, SkyLike has a 3 built-in graphics processor from Bhaswell.

    Alone obviously it doesn't hold anything, but as an add-on ... If it gives another 5 FPS on 4K it can make a nice difference (for example playing 4K with 980Ti).

  5. Joining the commenter above me, the possibility of adding to the main graphics processing power also (even if more inclined towards the weakness) the processor core, even if relatively small, can be a very nice addition to built-in graphics card mobile devices.

    In addition, where / how do you set up ticket sharing?

  6. BNP, "define" sharing through the game menus if it supports it.

    Now it remains for every game developer to reinvent the wheel and implement a multi-core solution on its own.
    DX12 just lets them do it. Good luck (never happens).

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