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MacBook Pro computers are getting unexpected boost from AMD

Models We are exposed to new graphics cards based on the latest red chip developer architecture

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Among all the new announcements of On enhanced MacBook Air computers, , Touch pens, and mini Mac mini computers - has hidden one small announcement that should be of great interest to all those interested in AMD products: first "real" mobile graphics units based on architecture .

To date, we have received the name Vega in the mobile world in the framework of Raven Ridge mobile processors Itself as well as the unique Kaby Lake G models , Although in all these cases it was not a kind of hybrids that included a general Vega architecture but practical GCN 4 processing units Next), on which architecture products are based of the company.

The Apple-to- Continues to evolve

A real "Vega" architecture was found only in the core of Vega 10, RX Vega 56 and RX 64 (yes, we know it is confusing), with modern and wider GCN 5 processing units that support technologies such as Rapid Packed Math and Direct3D at the 1_12 level.

Now, thanks to the collaboration with We get to see a first real appearance of the core we knew in early reports called Vega 12 - a modest Vega core in a small chip that was designed to inherit the 21 estimates.

We expected to see cards To the mainstream desktop market, and if it does happen somewhere in the future, it will probably be based on the new core we are meeting here

The complete Vega 12 core will include 20 processing clusters and 1,280 GCN 5 units, along with built-in 2 bit memory on the chip in the 1,024 bit interface and 14 nanometer production from GlobalFoundries - Vega Pro 16 (with 1,024 active units) and Vega Pro 20 (with 1,280 active units), plus 4GB graphic memory and frequencies Maximum of up to 1,300MHz on computers Pro are up-to-date processors Hexagonal cores.

This is not yet another update to the N- Pro, which were upgraded only a few months ago, but an addition that will be available at an increased cost within the existing units, with only 15 sizes

The performance of a complete Vega 12 core in the converging market is expected to compete directly with those of the GeForce GTX 1060 mobile cards, thus adapting to medium and worthy gaming and processing applications for a large proportion of consumers - the key question is whether AMD will be able to find new partnerships in the mobile market except Apple, The absolute control of In the field again it will be difficult for it to gain momentum.

Ensures improvement Up to 60 percent in relation to the most powerful graphics unit available for the X- Pro today - from the end of the month, and at prices not yet exposed

AMD Announces the Coming of the E- For mobile phones already at the Computex exhibition last June - now it's finally going to happen really, and we hope it's just the beginning.

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