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Approaching, but still expensive: performance data of the GeForce RTX 2070

The third brother of the Turing family in the gaming market was exposed in the 3Mark test database with a slight preference over the GTX 1080 - which is expected to be considerably cheaper at the beginning

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At 17 in October, a new video card - the GeForce RTX 2070, with official recommended prices of 500 and 600 - can be found in selected stores throughout the network. The launch date will also be the date when we start seeing official reviews with data And electrical and economic efficiency calculations, but until then - we have the The best sellers who give a teaser that explains what to expect.

Tum Apisak leaked the result of the popular Time Spy test for a system that combines a hexagon's Core i7-8700K processor To an unidentified video card - and declared that this was actually the result for Zotac's RTX 2070 model. A total score of 8,151 points obtained by the system does not really allow for direct comparison to other video card models because it is not intended for graphical processing, but comparison with average results of similar systems based on i7-8700K and sample The GTX 1080 draws a slight advantage of several hundred points for the RTX 2070, which probably indicates a similar advantage between 5 and 10 in percentage points in the graphic score for the G-.

Launch around the corner - and results Are beginning to flow into the net

It is worth taking the conclusions and data at this stage, but it shows that the problematic status quo of the new generation is at home Will also be maintained in this case - improving the theoretical performance between the RTX 2070 and the GTX 1070 will be quite impressive, even if the RTX and DLSS technologies that are not supported at all in the next generation are completely ignored,, But the jump in price levels will be no less high and will put the new generation even above the GTX 1080 which we have seen sold at prices of 450 dollars.

There is also a comparison using the built-in performance test of the game Ashes of the Singularity - with an advantage of about 10 per- 2070 compared to GTX 1080

There's reason for optimism, it seems, if and when we start seeing cards 2070 is selling at a base level of 500, which will make them worthwhile even in direct comparison with the previous generation, but it is reasonable to assume that we will need to wait a few months beyond this Wednesday to see this happening. Watch more updates soon!

Most card makers have already introduced first models based on the core of the TU106 - although actual prices are not yet available

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