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Winning Price: Arctic's new cooling for AMD's leading processors

Original Article: Proper air at reasonable price for processors The dreadful? Apparently there is such an animal

Arctic sells well in the market thanks to my body The exceptionally affordable air it offers for modern computer systems, regardless of the processor manufacturer's identity of your choice. Will she be able to bring this news to the HEDT processor market from the AMD Red Camp, too? The Freezer 50 TR fresh is the answer.

The massive air cooling designed for the sTR4 / sP3R2 bracket of the processors The first and second generation (hold fingers for future compatibility even for the third generation processors, without any adapters) is in a dual tower with eight heat conduit 6 millimeters each and 52 thin aluminum fins on each side for quick and uniform dissipation of the resulting heat - Combined with one 120 millimeter fan and 140 millimeter fan that together will push heat away from the processor. The official photos don't really give it away, but it's a real monster - weighing more than 1.2 pounds, which certainly makes it clear the need to deal with heat emissions at 250 watts and even more with which it will have to deal with dignity.

Please make sure that the dynamic memories you will use with the cooling system are low profile

The black plastic cladding rounded over the silver metallic elements provides a rather pleasant overall look, but in Decide to upgrade it together with 13 a customizable and programmable LED illumination area - with a pair of stripes at the top of the cooling that will stand out to those looking at the chassis it will be assembled, including a prominent illuminated Swiss-German manufacturer logo.

Combining fans with different diameters is designed to enable more efficient heat removal operation, if you believe Arctic marketing people

The built-in fans in the Freezer 50 TR can operate in a wide range of between 200 rpm and 1,700 rpm or 1,800 rpm (for the 140 millimeter and 120 millimeter unit respectively), which should ensure quiet operation at minimum load and also adequate air flow In challenging situations, cooling will need three 4Pin connections to work with its built-in illumination - and Arctic assures us that the product is designed to handle even the The formidable 2990WX with its 32 cores without reducing the maximum operating frequencies it can reach.

Already available in stores - at a dollar and a half off the official recommended price tag, and without the need for VAT

The formidable cooling is already available for purchase at Amazon at a base price of 68.4 dollars, with an extra 19.59 dollars for shipping that brings the final price to 87.99 dollars - NIS 310 worth. Worth a deal? Feel free to write us your thoughts in the comments.

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Shipping price of It's relatively expensive - but it was hard to expect anything else for such a chubby product that weighs 1,242, not including its packaging

updating: Price drop! For just two days in Amazon that allows free shipping, this impressive cooling price will soon shrink to 20 dollars - now you can pay for only 68.76 dollars including home delivery, which is NIS 245. If you were well impressed but moved away from the price tag, it is time to reconsider.

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