As you've seen on TV: Kingston products at the CES 2020 • HWzone show
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As you've seen on TV: Kingston's products at the CES 2020 show

The American manufacturer is riding the fine success - of a docking station which starred in a TV series

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Veteran Kingston has a variety of interesting hardware products, even when you consider the flourishing sub-brand of Gaming HyperX - but of all the diversity it seems to be a relatively simple unit that provides additional connections for computers She's the most popular and coveted, secret, thanks to a guest appearance on the Silicon Valley series that made the crowds curious and interested.

The company's Nucleum is the parent capable of providing seven different connections based on a single USB Type-C interface on a desktop or mobile computer, with Any type - Full size HDMI port, Readers for SD and microSD cards, Also an input pair Type-C and an entry pair as well Type-A, with a bonus of the ability to move up to 60 watts for charging based on modern Type-C connectors. Recommended price? $ 50, which certainly manages to provide competition for many similar parent devices from lesser-known manufacturers that market today.

The new hit for MacBook owners?
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Kingston is not only a provider of useful computing products Of TV series - but is also a provider of For the entertainment world thanks to collaboration with the developers VCS, a retro console that is scheduled to officially launch this year (despite quite a few reports of business problems in the venture).

Not sure this will be the next console in your home - but Still, she believes that this new-old machine has a promising future
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The manufacturer has also focused extremely fast on its storage products at the Las Vegas Giant Show, with the official launch of new Canvas React Plus SD and MicroSD cards that support the UHS-II standard and capable of delivering continuous transfer speeds of up to 300 MB per second and up to 285 MB - Byte per second respectively - Great line for those wanting to shoot video content at resolutions And up and content Advanced at 360 degrees. These exciting speeds are made possible based on a compatible UHS-II reader, of course - which they will be very happy to sell to you .

Everything you need to shoot at maximum quality without compromising - assuming your pocket can afford the pleasure
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For dessert, the company showcased a drive prototype New supports PCI-Express 4.0 standard to become a real commercial product later this year - based on a new Marvell four-channel memory controller And can deliver random 4KB performance of over 500,000 IOPS at this early stage. There is what to expect down the road, that's for sure.

Kingston was one of the first manufacturers on the market to lower the price of drives Don't get really competitive with the A1000 - let's hope you do the same with the PCIe 4.0
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