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ASRock's plan: Brand Phantom Gaming also motherboards

The new brand of the popular company born with the entry into the graphics card industry will soon become the name that leads to all its most advanced products?

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We continue to wait for the official announcement of the Coffee Lake-R generation , With intriguing core octagonals at lower prices than before, and in the meantime are content with new motherboards based on the chipset that will accompany the move - of course.

ASRock decided to take the opportunity to make a significant switching change, it seems - With the name Phantom Gaming Which will replace the old brand Fatal1ty, thus creating a certain uniformity between its range of graphics cards (with cores manufactured Only, at least in its current incarnation) and its range of leading motherboards.

The name Phantom Starting to gain momentum - hope you like it

The ASRock Z390 product line will still feature familiar models such as Extreme4, Pro4 and Taichi, but advanced models with the famous gamer's name won't be there - and we'll meet the Phantom instead 4, Phantom SLI, Phantom ITX and the Phantom 9, including the customized logo and painted in silver and red shades that make up it. Not a huge change, but perhaps one that will make it easier for consumers to navigate through countless names and nicknames in the field.

The first board on the road - will be officially launched early next month?
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The first pictures are called the Phantom flag 9, expected to be the most expensive and sophisticated of all, offers us three PCI-Express 3.0 × 16 rugged connectors, including three M.2 connectors for drives Fast, built-in LED illumination in board coolers, a small seven-segment screen to display system status outside of the operating system, built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity - and three (!) Wired Ethernet connections, one of which supports speeds of up to 10 gigabytes per second. What other surprises await us around the corner, from Or else? Hope to get your answers soon.

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