Phantom Gaming: ASRock video cards

The rumors turn out to be true, and Taiwan motherboards are confirming that it plans to offer consumers its own graphics processing cards - with cores first

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Reports that began circulating online a few weeks ago showed that ASRock, which was born about a decade ago from Asus, Will begin developing its own video cards - in a relatively portable and exotic MXM configuration. We now receive official proof that this surprising move is indeed approaching in the framework of a teaser video that was uploaded to the " And also evidence that the new competitor will also include standard desktop gaming models.

The short video does not reveal too much to us, but it does show what looks like a discrete graphics card with double-fan cooling from several different angles, plus the generic 'mysterious', 'unexpected' and 'quick'. The displayed logo answers the name Phantom , And makes it clear to us that the company will also focus on the gaming enthusiast community, with or without products that appeal to the various cryptographic coin-makers in the niche Is already competing with motherboards.

It is now estimated that the official launch of ASRock video cards will take place within a few weeks, and that the first models will be based on the core of AMD's Vega architecture, rather than on Pascal's leading competitor . The situation may change in the future, of course, but we will be happy to meet any additions that can bring about any change to the current market, which is characterized by a lack of stability.

We are not convinced that we are interested in 'unexpected' hardware in our system, but are still eager to see what exactly is preparing for us Somewhere in the shadows