• Asrock launches two motherboards dedicated to HWzone bitcoin mining

Asrock launches two motherboards dedicated to Bitcoin mining

Asrock The pitcoin reactors are directed to the market with two motherboards specifically designed for coin mining.
Recently the Bitcoin currency is gaining strength and gaining more and more popularity in the world. First ATM of Was placed in Canada and other devices are expected to reach the US, China, Germany and England.
The process of coin creation is called mining and is performed by computer-generated computation calculations. Of course, a standard computer is not effective for mining, but a very powerful computer with several video cards designed for mining or computer with dedicated chips. For more information on this topic you are welcome to read the Our article on the Bitcoin coin.

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Asrock Launched two motherboards specifically designed for mining purposes . One is called H81 Pro BTC And the other H61 Pro BTC. Both plates contain six brackets PCI-Express For video cards, the addition of two power connections 4 pins for power addition to the board, port HDMI ,DSUB, An 5.1 sound card and a card Realtek Gigabit.

The more expensive tabletH81 supports Oswell processors, it has two brackets Type DDR3 supporting up to 16 Gigabit at up to 1600 MHz, two connections SATA3 And two connections SATA2. God-H61 supports Abie and Sandy processors, the board includes four SATA2 connections and two sockets Type DDR3 supporting up to 16 Gigabit at up to 1600 MHz.

The advisability of purchasing such panels for the construction of a computer for Bitcoin is debatable because such a system is very costly and consumes a lot of electricity. Today there are already computers with dedicated chips for Kiryat כמו ASIC and-FPGA Which are much stronger than can be built alone at home.

So what do you say? Would you buy these tablets and add yourselves to Bitcoin?

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