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Asrok and Assass display several new motherboards

Both manufacturers presented plates H81 designed for processors The fourth generation.

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We'll start with Asrok, which has progressed a lot in recent years and even managed to get around MSI As the third largest motherboards manufacturer in the world.
Asrok has launched three new motherboards H81 market entry. Among the technological, the tables can be found XFast 555 Which, they claim, improves the speed of memories,USB .
Chip-based boards H81 and support the chassis LGA1150 And in processors: i7,i5 ,i3 ,Xeon ,Pentium and- Celeron. The differences between the boards other than size are the number of PCI-E, PCI, and panel input configurations. All plates have two brackets Which support volumes up to 16 Gigabit at 1600 / 1333 / 1066Mhz, two SATA 6 and one gigabyte per second. The models of the irrigated panels are (expensive to cheap):
  • H81M
  • H81MHDS
  • H81MITX
ASUS, which are in first place in motherboard sales, displays no fewer than six boards HNew 81. Among the technologically prominent X5 Protection Which protects the board by five different types of protection LGA1150 and processors: i7,i5 ,i3 ,Celeron And some also Pentium. All plates have two brackets Which support up to 16 Gigabit at 1600 / 1333 / 1066Mhz, one PCI-E X16 chassis, two 6 SATA Gigabit per second, UEFI BIOS, Realtek 7.1 Audio, and 3.0. The models of the irrigated panels are:
  • H81-Plus
  • H81M-Plus
  • H81I-Plus
  • H81M-A
  • H81M-C
  • H81M-E

Asus has launched a new board for its gamers Asus ROG Maximus VI Impact This is a mini-ITX Based chip set Z87 that supports the socket LGA1150And in processors: i7, i5, i3,Xeon, Pentium and- Celeron. Two interesting additions are the one Impact Power Which is a module VRM (Processor voltage stabilization units) located perpendicular to the board and is an accurate digital management control for speed. The second add-on is a quality sound card ROG SupremeFX Impact 7.1 Which is located in a separate circle and is also perpendicular to the board. The board is currently for sale in the US at a cost of 230 dollars.
In addition, a little bird whispered to us that the series of motherboards X79 is expected to undergo refresh of And get the new theme and features.


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  1. What a sharp transition ..
    From basic LOW END super boards - to a board in the ASUS HIGH END series.

    I don't think there is anyone in their right mind to match i7 to the H81 board ..
    This board is probably intended primarily for businesses (who buy in bulk and really don't care about features) or entire computer systems with a strong emphasis on budget.

    The wonderful board of ASUS seems like a very interesting choice for an HTPC gaming PC.
    The idea of ​​using extras is simple and ingenious at the same time, and is also realized in the power supplies.

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