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Asus and NVIDIA display a GeForce GTX 950 card that does not need an external power connection

The Taiwanese manufacturer is the first to present a particularly economical model of the graphics card, which receives all the power it needs from the high- And will be able to help upgrade ultra-compact computer systems

On time That the nerve-wracking wait for the new generation of graphics cards continues And it stretches a bit beyond what is expected, it seems that the manufacturers in the market are working hard to Make the most of it From the hardware that is available on the market in the current generation - and this time it is reflected In the GeForce GTX 950-2G of Asus, Which offers everything you get on a standard GTX 950 card, but with a reduced thermal envelope of 75 (or less), which allows it to operate only based on the, Without the need for external 6 pin connection provides power.

For gamers who build their own systems the new model (like the GTX 950 performance in general) may not be a significant line, but it should be an interesting and up-to-date product for various compact systems, which are based on basic power supplies that in some cases do not include Power Connections for External Video Cards - In these cases, the new GTX 950-2G could be a significant upgrade compared to the GeForce GTX 750 Ti, which was the most powerful graphics card with no external power connection available to date. However, it should be noted that the GTX 950-2G itself is not very compact, with Which takes up a pair of standard slots in a package, and a total length of about 10 inches.


Despite the reduced thermal casing from the 90 watt area for standard GeForce GTX 950 models to the 75 watt area, the new Asus model promises to provide work frequencies that are quite the same as those of its direct competitors - 1,026MHz to standard on the standard to 1,216M mode 2GB of GDDR5 memory that will operate at an effective frequency of 6.6GHz. The card provides a single DVI-I connection, a single HDMI 2.0 connection and a connection One full size.


We still do not know how much the GTX 950-2G, but believe it and hope it won't be expensive from other GTX 950 models - and we also really hope that soon we will see more manufacturers join this trend, with ultra-economical GTX 950 models that will also offer more compact dimensions, and could be a great solution for modest systems Gaming and graphic processing capabilities are surprisingly positive.


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