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Asus is rampant with a laptop that features a water cooling position

They want to Massive gaming that connects to an external crate and can maintain coolness anywhere and in any situation? Meet the GX700 of , Which combines genius and madness in one package

Maybe that's exactly what jumped in your mind when you read that Officially launched the first mobile processor model of its kind, which includes an open multiplication and appetite for further user-side rush, but you doubt it really will happen - a laptop with External water, this is exactly the new creation of the ROG division of .

The GX700 is a massive gaming mobile with an 17.3K-based 4-based IPS panel based on the new Core i7-6820HK processor - The first one designed for laptops and includes an open hem, which makes the rush possible and relatively easy. So what to do to allow an 45 Watt thermal shell processor in a dense environment to reach frequencies that are close to those of the i7-6700K stationary? Create an array for your laptop External water in a closed orbit, naturally.

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The external extension to GX700 is not intended to be carried with the computer Itself (it is doubtful you will, too), but represents a stationary desktop position that the laptop connects to - allowing it to operate at significantly higher frequencies while maintaining cool temperatures.

In other words, in the mobile mode the GX700 and the The i7-6820HK will operate in a mode similar to other large gaming devices (perhaps with a minimum frequency addition where it can be based on And when you get to your home or office and connect to the external cooling unit, the performance of the processor, and probably the graphics card as well, will be pushed forward and used as a high-power desktop replacement.

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In addition to the state-of-the-art processor with water cooling, the GX700 also includes an advanced super graphics card, probably the GeForce GTX 990M (no, it's not a typo) we'll tell you more soon, Up to 64GB, Based on the latest NVMe standard chips and integrated with mechanical drives and multiple connections Type A, Type C and. Availability for purchase is due sometime in the next three months, and the price is expected to be extremely massive - between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars (!) According to various estimates across the network.


There is no argument that this is a gimmick, and it is very difficult to see a situation where it seems to be gaining momentum, even in the top mobile gaming market. It is a gimmick that Asus has managed to make him look pretty and cool, but it does not change his essence and purpose. If you already attach a large external box to our laptop - we would go for the box that includes Desktop video card To improve significant graphics performance, such as the one presented on Dell's Alienware line and the one we dream of receiving in the next generation, The latest.


Alongside the crazy GX700 Asus has also introduced the updated Gaming 17 inch family under the name G752, replacing the G751 line with aggressive updated design and brushed metal, Core i7-6700HQ processors (will also be an option for Core i7-6820HK in the top model), GeForce GTX 970M, GeForce GTX 965M or GeForce GTX 980M video cards, standard RAM And in volumes up to 64GB, IPS standard panels at FullHD or 4K resolutions that support technology Portable, weights starting at slightly more than 4 pounds - and prices starting at 1,500 dollars.

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Cheap ZIL compared to GX700, is not it?

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