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Asus introduces: The quickest desktop screens of all

The Taiwanese manufacturer is upgrading its TUF brand with three additional gaming screens - two of which have a refresh rate that we haven't yet seen in the category

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Do serious gaming enthusiasts really need a refresh rate of over 240 Hz, or 240 different frames per second? If you ask the screen makers themselves, the answer is clear - and positive.

Alongside panels with a crazy refresh rate of up to 300 Hz in the notebook, we're now announcing stationary screens that can reach a refresh rate of up to 280 Hz, up to 280 frames per second. Get to know the TUF VG279QM and the TUF VG259QM (27 inch and 25 inch sizes, respectively).

This pair of products is based on technology panels called Asus FastIPS, with 1080p resolution and a basic 240 Hz display engine To enable up to 280 Hz work, which is a new official record in the desktop market, combined with only a single millisecond response rate for the various pixels that make it up, and support for the DisplayHDR 400 standard, which indicates an average brightness of 400 Nits and a 1: 1,000 contrast ratio for each The least.

The TUF family is expanding - a people Still not in the competition

These new screens are aimed primarily at relatively competitive and veteran gaming enthusiasts, who expect modern hardware to provide a constant display rate of more than 280 frames per second to take full advantage of display hardware capabilities - but 99 percent of the sRGB color gamut, support for -DisplayHDR 400 and also G-Sync technology compatibility And General Adaptive Sync technology from VESA (which should also enable technology support (AMD) are designed to signal the proper display quality for recent titles that will not necessarily run at the maximum refresh rate.

Entry into the country is coming soon, with competitive prices over other ultra-fast models with the option of supporting the technology. Popular

Want the nimble screens of everyone? The largest VG279QM of the two is set to land in the Israeli market at the beginning of February 2020 with a fairly reasonable recommended price tag of NIS 1,795 - while for the VG259QM you will need to invest NIS 1,705 when it arrives, in the end of March.

Another agile gaming screen from Asus arriving in the Holy Land in February answers to the ROG Strix XG279Q - with a 27-inch FastIPS panel and WQHD resolution with a maximum 170 Hz refresh rate and a wink to an audience that incorporates gaming and professional work with 95 percent DCI color gamut P3. This model features a built-in color illumination projected onto the surface on which it is mounted, 4-watt stereo speakers built-in, a hub with a pair of USB 3.0 connections, and compatibility with the technologies. And the Adaptive - At an official recommended price tag of NIS 2,965.

Will WQHD screens with 240 Hz or higher display rate be seen in the coming year? Definitely getting close to that threshold

In 2020, will we see home screens continue to improve, exceeding the 300 Hz refresh rate, or is there a limit to all the trickery and marketing gimmick? Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments.


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