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At Good: Radeon HD 7970 Launched

Fast, powerful, elaborate - and terribly expensive. Find out what visitors think of the new King of the Graphic Processing world

After countless different rumors and reports from here to Sunnyville California, it's finally happening - AMD Launches Officially The generation of its Southern Islands cores, the first generation of graphics cores produced in the 28 nanometer process, with no other What-Radeon HD 7970, Its most powerful single card.

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Reviews primacy Of the Radeon HD 7970, based on the Tahiti XT core, already They went up net - The new king of Offers an average performance improvement of between 15 and 25 per cent compared to the most powerful single-core card to date, the GeForce GTX 580, and an improvement between 25 and 35, HD 6970, with these differences moderating (quite logically) the lower resolutions are observed. As impressive as performance itself is the fact that, HD 7970 does this while consuming less power than the X- HD 6970, and much lower than the GTX 580.

The intriguing ZeroCore Power technology, HD 7970 proves itself - the power consumption of the card in "normal" rest mode is similar to that of previous editions and is significantly lower than that of other top cards.

Prestigious or just expensive? The decision is yours

The power consumption of the card in a state where the screen does not work at all for a while (AMD Long Idle) lowers power consumption even further, and as it does, it is able to approach that ambitious statement of 'less than 3 watts'.
As already We mentioned earlierZeroCore Power technology will be particularly effective on multi-card arrays, where all but one card can go into "deep sleep" when no processing power is needed - saving dozens of watts over previous-issue multi-card arrays.

Impressive performance, especially at maximum resolutions

The new GCN architecture (Based on the Radeon HD 7970) and high market cores and the mid-high-end market Which will come later) Promised to bring about a significant improvement in compute capabilities, similar to the revolution brought about by the Fermi architecture some years ago.
Here, too, Fulfilling its promises - the Radeon HD 7970 shows great performance, which is noticeably better than the company's previous releases. It is very early to determine what the fate of the experience will be Jump on the GPGPU cart (performance is not worth much without support and adoption from the industry), but the potential certainly exists.

Compute performance is not always at the level of , But still very well-developed

The improved cooling system of the HD 7970 also meets expectations with less than 40 at rest and less than 80 in effort, accompanied by very reasonable noise levels.
All of which brings us to the next main theme - the rush. God- HD 7970 is equipped with a basic frequency of 925MHz, which is not low by itself, and frequency Effective of 5.5GHz.
However, the graphics core offers a particularly generous amount of maneuverability to speed, and can also reach the very crazy speeds of 1,115MHz to the core andAlmost 7GHz (!!!) to memory - an improvement of between 15 and 25 percent which yields an improvement of about 15 percent in performance.
Considering that this is definitely a first model of a new manufacturing process and architecture - it is very difficult to remain indifferent to these results.

potential Awesome
Improved taslation performance, as promised

After a lot of good, it's time to turn to the bad - the price. Recommended Consumer Price HD 7970 stands at no less than 550 dollars (which will probably be translated into 500 euros in Europe, oh gouled!).
The above price does make you the biggest competitor at home , The GTX 580, completely out of date with the 500 dollar tag it carries - but still having trouble competing for the great price of the HD 6970, which will cost you about $ 200 less, and that without mentioning the " HD 6950 (the array of such two cards will cost less than the HD 7970) and the ability to "open" some of its models.

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at the end of the day, She is the clear winner today - she eliminates the competitor's product and manages to undermine even its biggest advantage (general processing capabilities), without making its existing products irrelevant.
Anyone who is willing to spend NIS 3,000 on a video card will definitely find something to love about HD 7970, which is still expected to improve with the arrival of drivers and the advent of the - 11.1 to image. All the rest can be excited about the opening, and hold on to the fingers that the significant benefits of the new generation will continue to the more popular models.

See our review of the HD 7970 coming soon.


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