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Toshiba unveils first portable 14 terabyte drive

With no less than nine rotating plates wrapped in helium sealed, the Japanese manufacturer verifies the rumors and launches a very interesting product

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A few days after reports appeared that Toshiba estimated May skip over a pair of its major competitors As far as the volume of mechanical drives is concerned, the manufacturer is taking the required step and announcing its MG07ACA model - with peak volume for the 14 terabytes home market.

The new drive will contain no less than nine rotating plates (for the first time in the field), packaged in its sealed helium container with significantly less air compressibility, 7,200 RPM rotation and SATA III interface, combined with 256 megabytes of DRAM cache for transfer speeds Continuous up to 260 megabytes per second, with a 5-year warranty and a high MTBF of 2.5 million hours, the drive should also have very competitive power consumption over other hard drives in volume - and a small fireplace with eight rotating plates that will provide capacity Includes 12 terabytes.

A new record - precisely the smallest independent manufacturer still in the field

Toshiba uses the widely used and widely recognized PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) magnetic plates for the first time in the market for 14 terabytes - and although practical availability for acquisition is expected to come only during the second quarter of 2018, Seagate and Western Digital for at least a few months, contrary to estimates of ninth generation PMR plates with 1.8 terabyte volume For 14 terabyte drives, Toshiba decided to rely on an eighth generation of PMR brackets and managed to reach impressive volume with additional rotating bracket compression - When moving to the new generation, 16 terabytes of hard drive will soon become reality, while Bar ten rotating magnetic pallets should give us Of a future 18 terabyte, which will probably be the limit of the physical capability of the technology before the inevitable transition to the HAMR and MAMR technologies.

Also PMR drives on 16 terabytes will arrive next year? We'll keep our fingers crossed

Western Digital was the first to offer an 14 terabyte drive to the market, technically, using its HGST brand, but these drives were based on limited SMR technology and required a dedicated combination with a managed program system to operate properly while minimizing performance. The model of Should suit both server and PCs - although its official price is unknown to us, it will be difficult to estimate how sensible it would be to buy it at the outset, for anyone who doesn't necessarily need the largest storage density the entire hard drive has to offer.

The starting price is going to be massive and fit mostly with the world of storage servers - but there are reasons for hope for the home user as well

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