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Bella the duck will take you home

Yanir Systems, which markets Fujicom products in Israel, and Ituran Today launched a new navigation package called FujicomDRIVE that includes an 4.3 or 5 navigation device and a new navigation software from Ituran.

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The new software offers a variety of features that do not exist in other GPS devices marketed in the country, such as navigation on real-world 3D maps and aerial photographs, map updates every three months, detailed site information and points of interest, and most importantly - female navigation instructions.

The maps used by FujicomDRIVE are from "Map" and Viner Systems as mentioned promise to release every quarter - a promise that many other companies have failed to meet for a long time. In addition, there are maps of Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia - which can be purchased for an additional fee. Binir Systems also states that the maps will contain complete and comprehensive information about the points of interest on the way, including recommended dishes, the type of music in place, etc. - information that does not exist in other navigation software.
Another fun feature of the FujicomDRIVE software is the ability to choose the voice of the announcer - not just a man or a woman, but also a basketball coach, a Yankee grandmother and of course Bella, the legendary duvet from Pinocchio that will take you to safety (unless you "accidentally" tear the Of the resident in a fit of rage).
If you encounter problems using the new software, you can contact the Ituran call center directly , Which is available for 24 hours a day - this is perhaps the most useful feature of the Yanir's new systems, and undoubtedly the weakest point of the competition.

The navigation system will be marketed on two devices - theG59 5 inch screen for NIS XNUM price andG49 4.3 inch screen for NIS 799 price.


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  1. There is a much cheaper solution!
    Enter this site:

    There all prices include shipping to the country and there is a GPS name with a huge 5 inch screen at $ 100. This 380 Chess includes a handsfree and FM transmitter!

    Nothing to compare at all!
    Ahh and you can install whatever software you want.

  2. 2 also has a cheaper price
    Free WAZE
    Falpone has insisted that he no longer needs to buy a caller
    And it supports almost every operating system, such as ANDROID IPHONE WM5 and SYMBYAN
    And it's also in Hebrew and there are other benefits

  3. For 2 and 3: read well
    For 2: 100 $ to a device is not that cheap… If you add the cost of software it comes out the same as in the country… Of course if you steal and work with stolen software it is something else, but then you can also steal a device and it comes out really cheap…
    3: WAZE is a great service, but it's not a navigation software - it's a "social network" in motion. It doesn't have most of the basic features you'll find in real navigation software.

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