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The best dynamic memories in a repeating environment

A pair of modules from the renowned Vengeance LPX series , With 16GB volume and very high speed and timings, return to their minimum price level

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It is hard to guess what the situation will be with The beginning of Amazon's International Prime Day celebration - but as of now you have a great opportunity to upgrade your system with memory Quality in price Kurtz.

After several days of price volatility, XAUMXGB's Vengeance LPX memory includes (16GB per module) with 8MHz base speed and CL3,000 timings One of the fastest speeds that can be found in this frequency is the price of 65, or $ 72.64, including shipping to Israel, which is NIS 260 at the relatively low level of the dollar against the shekel these days.

Will Prime Day's operations overshadow this deal? Not sure

Having seen initial performance tests indicating that the Zen 2 architecture solves one of the major problems of the previous one and functions almost correctly with each dynamic memory type in each frequency and timing setting, showing performance differences of a few percent similar to what is provided to us On its platforms, it is possible to declare with confidence that a set of memories like the one offered here Will suffice for the vast majority of consumers who do not plan to make extreme and extreme statements to their processors, knows how to enable full performance potential.

Want some more speed? You can purchase a pair of DDR4 memories from the same series as 16GB, at 3,200MHz base speed and CL16 Worth at the base price of 70 dollars, or 77.58 dollars including shipping and NIS 280 in direct conversion.

The best price is for But if you like, you will also find identical hardened versions of white and blue in a price lower than the Israeli VAT exemption threshold

Want to maintain the potential to grow 64GB of dynamic memory in the system one day? You will also purchase Vengeance LPX with 32GB (16GB per module) at 3,000MHz with the same CL15 timings For 173.05 dollars, including VAT and delivery to the house, that is, about NIS 620.

the mother tomorrow We shall see suddenly Even more sophisticated at an unprecedented price? We will continue to review the state of the market and update you accordingly, of course!


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  1. Unrelated question:
    There is no situation that looks like prices on RIPJAW or TRIDENT right?
    (Although RIPJAW also comes as a basic memory and without special features it does not receive such prices)

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