The Newegg Black Friday began with HWzone
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The Newegg Black Friday began

Great hardware deals in the American online store are available right now, a few days before the peak of the biggest Western shopping holiday

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Newegg's international website, which offers a direct delivery service to Israel that competes with Amazon, may be the best place to get computer and hardware components at affordable prices during the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monde fast-approaching days. Some of the reductions and prices of the chair are available now, Without the need for another wait.

Beside The great deals on the SATA-based SSDs that exist in Amazon (And some are also available at Newegg), you can find great deals on the HP Advanced EX920 NVM drives when Model 512GB NIS 439.14 is included in the new shekel, including VAT and shipping to Israel One terabyte model The price is 764.68. A price level that we could only dream of with simple AHCI drives until a few months ago - and now you can buy models that have transmission speeds of over 3 gigabytes per second.

This is probably the The most cheap at the moment - and certainly the most lucrative in the category

Complex water purifiers are sold at absolutely competitive prices: EVGA CLC 120 with a single 120 millimeter radiator For 281.68 new shekels, and a model Gamer Storm Captain 240EX of Deepcool A pair of radiators of 120 millimeters at the price of 362.61 New Israeli Shekels.

Designed and effective water - just below the exemption threshold (note that the official tax-free price will only be seen at the payment method selection stage, and not before)

Motherboards for AMD's Ryzen processors at a price below the VAT threshold - ASRock X370M Pro4 model for the AM4 chassis Sold for a total price of 349.58 New Shekels only.

The cheapest X370 board you can find in stores

Motherboard is also very lucrative for Intel's modern processors - The Z370XP SLI model from Gigabyte, IN THE PRICE OF 478.21.

Compact motherboard with integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity The H310M-ITX / ac model of ASRock, For the LGA1151 chassis Offered for sale at the price of 336.63 New Israeli Shekels. It is worth noting that this motherboard was designed for With a power envelope of 65 watts or less - so it is best not to experiment with the combination of powerful 95 and Watts processors in it, in order to avoid possible and unpleasant surprises.

A pair of memory modules of one 4GB DDR16 (total 32GB volume) and 2,400MHz effective speed From the Corsair Vengeance LPX series Only NIS New Price - one of the lowest we've ever encountered - is sold at a price tag of 915.65.

A reduction of hundreds of shekels relative to prices in the local market

The Vengeance LPX pair is more modest in total volume of 16GB (One 8GB module) at 2,400MHz at a total price of 502.53.

Kit DDR4 From Patriot with two modules of 8GB and 3,000MHz Sold below the VAT threshold - at a total price of 264.72 New Shekels only.

You can buy a pair, or even four units - the price is quite winking in any situation

For those interested in upgrading memories on small laptops or stationary computersAnd DDR4 chips from Mushkin with a total of 32GB and 2,400MHz speed New shekels are offered for 1,001.81 SODIMM 32GB and 2,666MHz from G.Skill Can be yours for the price of 1,083.16 shekels, including VAT and shipping of course.

EVGA Supernova G1 Plus Advanced Power Supply With a capacity of 1,000 watts, it is possible to purchase at NIS 585.65, which is a reduction of at least NIS 300 compared to the costs in Israel.

G230 Logitech Gaming Headset 188.78 is sold in New Israeli Shekels, including shipping, as opposed to the price of New Israeli Shekels (NIS) and more in Israeli stores.

Gaming is worth a little less than 200

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Double Fan Windforce Fan NIS 1,726.95 is sold to all interested in what appears to be one of the most rewarding deals for this model we have met so far.

Wired Gaming Mouse Logitech's G502 Proteus Spectrum sample Sold at a bargain price of 190.63 new shekels only - whereas The G403 Prodigy is a solid-looking wire May be yours at 245.63.

Radeon RX 580 with 8GB of graphic memory at the lowest price so far - 891.79 New Israeli Shekel only for PowerColor's Red Dragon model. Interested in more advanced models of AMD? You will purchase the The RX Vega 56 is designed by ASRock With a total price tag of 1,597.89 and new Israeli Shekels The RX Vega 64 model in a Sapphire reference configuration Price 1,992.77 shekels.

Strider The popular Shield TV from NVIDIA Also available at a very good price - 671.89 NIS including VAT and delivery to your home, in a package that includes the console and a remote control for it, without the dedicated gaming controller.

The Ryzen 1700X core octagonal processor, Including a cooling system, at a phenomenal price of 698.38, including VAT and shipping, is very worthwhile Continue to support the Until at least 2020. Thanks to theHwGeek surfer for the update.

We will keep updating you with all the best hardware and gadgets in the coming week, of course - so do not forget to keep track!

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