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Black Friday 2019: Amazon's top hardware deals

Drives , , Peripherals and many others are waiting inside - with free shipping in most cases

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We didn't imagine it was an option at the outset, but it does happen - the big Black Friday discounts are already here, and we can all enjoy them combined with the unique free shipping option of The United States began earlier this month, making the deals even more lucrative and sweet. Without further unnecessary introductions, come to know the best online offers on this shopping frenzy.

CCTV water cooling With a double millimeter 240 radiator and built-in color illumination - at only 59.99 dollars (NIS 210) for the ML240L model and at 63.74 dollars (NIS 235) for the LC240E model, without VAT and free shipping.

Click here to go to the product page - ML240L

Click here to go to the product page - LC240E

Reputable branded double water - at the lowest cost imaginable

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4 Terabyte Internal Hard Drive at no VAT cost! WD Blue model with 5,400 RPM and 64 Megabyte rotation speed A fast dynamic cache will be yours at 71.99 dollars, which is only NIS 255.

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God- Cheapest from home In terabytes to date: The 860 QVO model based on chips Modern congestion drops to a price level of only 87.99 dollars, or 106.6 dollars plus VAT - a little less than NIS 375.

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NVMe Drive for the Lowest Price Up to Terabyte So Far Here You Are: The 660p Model of Decreases to a price level of 82.99 dollars, or 100.79 dollars together with VAT - less than NIS 355 for those who have not yet stocked up on agile storage for their systems.

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Maximum volume Fast at no VAT - Kingston's A400 drives have dropped prices once again, so you can now choose an 480GB (base price of 44.99 $ only) together with an 240GB (base price of 27.99 dollar) Together for 72.98 dollars, no need to pay for shipping and VAT.

NIS 255 for 720 GB of Proper - when, of course, you can combine any of the models with other products to cross the 49 dollar threshold for free shipping, without crossing the 75 dollar threshold for additional VAT.

Click here to go to the product page - Kingston A400 in volume 240GB

Click here to go to the product page - Kingston A400 in volume 480GB

Philips Headset SHP9500 is highly appreciated by Philips, with Large diameter 50 millimeters based on neodymium magnets are also offered at an excellent price without VAT - 54.99 dollars which are less than NIS 195.

Click here to go to the product page

That also remains a dual-price product - so does 4.5 score from 5 on the Amazon product page based on hundreds of different reviews

Cool Wired Gaming Heads from Cooler Master for Sony and Microsoft Consoles and PCs 40 millimeter-diameter neodymium and adjustable arm speaker are also offered at no VAT and free shipping, of course - 59.99 dollars for the base model and 74.99 dollars for a more recent model that includes support for 7.1 surround sound channels.

Click here to go to the product page - Model MH-751

Click here to go to the product page - Model MH-752

Recall that Amazon is always recommended to pay in the local currency of the same store (dollars for United States, in the case of the products in this article), without relying on the platform's built-in conversion service - in the vast majority of cases your credit provider will give you a significantly higher conversion rate and conversion fee. Great shopping!

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