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Black Friday 2018: Deals on Sandisk products

Amazon opens the floodgates - starring American society

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The next few days are likely to be heavily loaded with operations, so we hope you (and your wallets) are ready. The opening is made in the American version of Amazon, where it can be found Deals on a variety of expansion cards, USB devices and external and internal storage drives Only for the next 24 hours. Use them wisely and quickly!

Ultra Series microSD cards With continuous speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second and support for the A1 App Performance standard, including SD card adapters, available at bargain prices: 27.08 $ 128GB, 37.04 $ 200GB, 256GB for 47.06 $ and XNUM At 400 dollars. The 101.91GB and 200GB volumes are the most affordable of all in terms of price in terms of total volume - but in all configurations this is a great cost.

To expand storage on a smartphone and was never more accessible

Full-size SD drives from the Extreme series, With transfer speeds of up to 90 megabytes per second, 18.14 dollars for 32GB, 25.12 dollars for 64GB - and the most affordable 37.10 dollars for 128GB and 67.08 dollars for 256GB are offered.

is also Ultra Fit USB Flash Drives Which are capable of achieving continuous transmission speeds of 130 megabytes per second are available at a very cheap price: 27.13 for 128GB and 47.1 for 256GB.

Connect Wireless Mini External Storage Drive 200GB is available for 58.22 dollars, for those interested.

One-terabyte SSD Plus storage drive Offered at an unprecedented cost of 148.84 dollars including VAT and shipping to the country, for only NIS 560 - although not to be forgotten The 860 EVO model Preferred technology of Is just about 35 shekels from this level, so you'll have to decide whether the final price or performance is the most important feature.

Extra SSD 3D SSD drive, 2 terabyte, Is available at 308.32 USD, which is about NIS 1,155 in direct conversion - when there is competition for that price too From the EVO 860 and also From the Micron 1100 Sold on the competitor's website In a similar volume.

An external 2 terabyte hard drive and a USB Type-C connection from the My Passport Ultra brand Up-to-date sold for $ 78.53, or about 300 value.

3TB Elements External Hard Drive And in the compact 2.5 inch configuration is sold at a bargain price of $ 73.46, which is even cheaper than the 2TB drive (the more formatted) we mentioned in the previous sentence - about NIS 280.

Maximum volume below the VAT exemption threshold here

3.5 Enlarged External Elements hard drives are available at 135.46 dollars, or NIS 510, To inflate 6 terabytes - And for a little less lucrative $ 251.78, or NIS 945, To inflate 10 terabytes For those looking for the maximum In a single package.

External 2 terabyte hard drive Which is designed to be used (also) 4 sold for $ 68.48. About NIS 260 includes direct shipping to the home.

Dessert, My Passport SSD Quick Drives Available at 120.12 dollars for 500GB, the price of 209.36 dollars for one terabyte - or 359.85 dollars for the 2 terabyte model. Between NIS 455 and NIS 1,350 in translation to the shekels and at least one bar lower than one gigabyte per gigabyte.

Drives External most popular category


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