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Brand new ASRock video cards

Never motherboards to the world of graphic processing: Taiwanese manufacturer provides us with a teaser for its first Taichi models for Navi cores

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We continue to hope that we will see a maximum amount of cards RX 5700 of all kinds comes to the store shelves, so the competition inside and out will do its best and help lower prices below the recommended nose - and believe ASRock has a real chance of surprisingly good on the subject, as it did in the past with its Phantom-branded Polaris cards .

The company that entered the video card race only recently (and only in partnership with AMD, with no agreement Today) has already introduced a new series under the name Challenger for the landing of the first cores in the architecture - And now we know that it is preparing another new-old brand for more powerful and nimble models of the RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT.

A new name in the business - and an interesting new look

model RX 5700 XT Taichi OC Plus, whose very existence was revealed some time ago and is now on the verge of officially announcing, will offer an array Featuring three fans, nearly three standard slots in the motherboard and chassis, it also includes a full metal backing designed to enhance heat dissipation and mechanical strength - all in black, white and gold shades, plus illumination Colored of course around the fan in the center of the construction.

It is possible that in Hope to make the card the perfect partner for the prestigious Taichi family launched for the generation of processors the third

We still don't know what the fatal frequency of this formidable model will be, but using a pair of 8Pin connections instead of one 8Pin connection and one 6Pin connection can signify a lot of potential - and a set of four DisplayPort ports and another HDMI port pair design Offer the product to users who build a display array with a large number of screens.

This is probably the largest number of video ports seen in the current Navi cards - And we still don't quite understand what users can do with all that wealth

We hope to discover the price tag and full technical specifications of the Taichi card soon - and also hope that at Prepare some more brothers for him to launch soon.

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