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Calling Others: More Hardware Deals on Amazon

Looking for a new computer for the school year? The Giant Company's Deal of the Day promotions that will only be available in the next few hours can help in a big way

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Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday behind us? Not bad - the opportunities to upgrade with sparkling hardware at compromising prices continue to bring us joy. You now have a few hours, just until tomorrow morning (Thursday, December 12) to take advantage of large discounts from Amazon United States, including free shipping as you recall, for some interesting computer models , Desktop screens and more.

One of the most compact mobile devices ever created, and especially the fastest ones you can find, is available at a serious price drop - the Acer Swift 7 model with the 14-inch IPS screen and the 1,920 × 1,080 pixel resolution with touch-sensitive gorilla backing Glass, i7-7Y75 dual-core ultra-economical, built-in LPDDR3 memory of 8GB, NVMe drive in 256GB volume, modem Built-in fourth generation connectivity to the network everywhere and more.

All of these features come in a black metal casing less than 9 millimeters thick (!) At the thickest point, weighing 1.2 pounds and with a system Passive and silent - at a base price of 899 dollars, compared to prices above 1,600 dollars most days. Along with free shipping and the resulting price tax is $ 1,081.8, which is slightly less than NIS 3,800 including the expected conversion fee.

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The price in relation to the specification is relatively expensive - but if you are not willing to compromise on the physical dimensions it is a spectacular and exciting machine with a rare price tag

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AOC compact and modern desktop IPS screen, with very thin three-sided casing and 21.5-inch IPS panel, 1,920 × 1,080 pixel resolution and with FreeSync technology support With Maximum Maximum Refresh Rate of 75 Hz is now offered at a VAT-free price - 122.94 dollars including shipping (paid in this case, due to the dimensions and product weight), or NIS 430 value.

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screen Compact and handsome at a minimalist price

Western Digital External Hard Drive Designed to Work as an Expandable Drive for Consoles של (With its option to change to work with desktop or desktop operating systems, too 4, of course) with 7,200 rpm operation speed - will be yours at 312.86 dollars including taxes and home delivery, ie less than NIS 1,100 compared to prices starting from NIS XN for such volume in stores in the country.

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Generous mechanical storage and owner Top quality - definitely competitive

Lenovo Smart Tab Tablet with Snapdragon 429 quad-core, 10.1-inch screen, 2GB dynamic memory, 16GB expandable 256GB expandable volume with microSD cards, system Oreo, front stereo speakers and docking station that can also be used as a home wireless speaker that supports working with Smart Assistant - Sold for a final price of 98.07 dollars, which means NIS 345.

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Not enough for you? Another model of the same 10.1-inch tablet with FullHD resolution, Snapdragon 450 modern octagon, 4GB dynamic memory, 64GB internal storage with scalable, Larger in capacity 7,000mAh, array of four And the same nice docking station from the previous paragraph that is included in the package - will be yours for the price of 181.89 dollars which are worth NIS 640.

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Medium and reasonable from a good house at prices that surprised us positively

Another impressive Isser mobile is waiting impatiently for you - Swift 3 model with 15.6 Full HD IPS screen and Corning Gorilla Glass family protective coating, Ryzen 7 2700U Square Processor , 4GB DDR8 memory, 256GB storage SSD, Home version 10 windows system and sample graphics card RX 540. All together at $ 600.02 price includes VAT and shipping - meaning only NIS 2,105 plus a one-percent conversion fee from the entire transaction value, so it is a big doubt if you can find a deal with greater processing power at the same price level elsewhere.

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Fine processing power on the red camp purity - At a price that is very difficult to refuse


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