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Maximum power, minimum price

An impressive power supply and high power supply of 1,500 watts is available for purchase at a surprising price

Antec's craziest chassis comes to the shops

The cool Torque model is what is created when a company that is usually characterized by restrained and calculated products decides to remove all barriers

Upgrades Classic: Antec P101 Silent

The familiar American manufacturer is launching another successor to the beloved P100 chassis, which offers magnified dimensions and a fairly generous cooling system as default

Corsair Crystal 280X in Review: Compact RGB - elegant

We took a look at Corsair's new creation - a mATX case that combines modern features such as water-cooling compliance, a tempered glass window and of course a lot of RGB

Geek's dream: Lenovo reveals a formidable computer inside a model of the Enterprise spaceship

Addicted to Star Trek and want everybody to know about it? 2,200 USD will provide you with an advanced computer system that will ensure this ... in China

The power of simplicity: NZXT H500 case in review

We took the new generation from the popular casing maker to find out if it was successfully following the tradition built by models such as S340

Curious Masterpiece: Define R6 TG in Review

We took a look at the new flagship of the Pacific Queen and the solid design of the packaging world, Fractal Design, which promises to be everything we wanted and more. Was she on the job? Answers inside

The luxury that has disappeared: CaseLabs boutique maker closes its doors

With a surprising twinkle, the unique packaging manufacturer announces that it will no longer accept orders and will cease to operate fully soon

Antec DF500 RGB Critique: A new standard for the budget market

We took Antek's new work for an in-depth examination: Meet a very cheap computer package that manages to broadcast luxury and quality

Asus presents: Power supplies and cooling devices as you have not yet known

The ROG brand continues to evolve for a moment, and now on the menu - also water coolers and power supplies with OLED screens!

Antek returns to the power supply market, with large numbers at a reasonable price

Meet the new models that join the famous High Current Gamer family

Koller Master Introduces: Interesting Collaboration With Asus

Get ready to see new cases, crates and power supplies under the popular TUF brand of the world leader in motherboards

Big Cheap: Collar Master Launches New MasterBox Package Family

The K series in the brand promoted by the manufacturer will aim at cost-benefit ratios that are particularly impressive for gamers

Greetings from the future: Antek awards you prizes! (Last hours to competition - participate now!)

Have you watched the movie "Number One Player" and identified the manufacturer chosen to assemble the futuristic computer that appears in it? Now you have the chance to win a fully integrated water cooler or cooling system

King's successor: CoolerMaster's new chassis

The maker of hardware CoolerMaster raises gear and launches a new flagship to the prestigious Cosmos series under the name C700P

Like from a spaceship: The new Cooler Master products for 2018

This year, too, the manufacturer of popular peripheral equipment blinded us with its strong desire to illuminate colorful LEDs and futuristic designs

My case has three corners: Meet the amazing Thermaltake P90

The new model of the popular peripherals manufacturer offers a unique design for those who do not want to put their computer system in the corner of the room

Deepcool's futuristic chassis gets a price

The Quadstellar is a cool package that you would like to show off and put in the most prominent place, instead of hiding in a hidden corner - but it will cost you accordingly

HWzone's 2017 year-round

This busy year is coming to an end, and it's time to introduce you to the most successful products we've ever encountered in the world of hardware and computers

A full computer case that makes no noise at all, the next big thing?

After successful mass financing, Calyos is showcasing its first-ever innovative Phase Change cooling case for all its components for complete quietness for all types of hardware

The best inspiration is: Meet the computer case that will make you fall in love

Bitfenix's new product should easily capture the hearts of all consumers who loved the great Portal games

Thermaltake presents: Unforgettable love for colorful LEDs

The stand of the veteran Taiwanese company at CES 2017 may be summed up in just one word, but you have to see with your own eyes to really understand

SilverStone's new heat sink is probably the thinnest in the world

The Taiwanese company is introducing new cooling for Intel's stationary processors designed for the narrowest enclosures in the area

Gigabyte's new chassis combines aluminum and glass in an interesting way

The new product of the Taiwanese manufacturer under the Xtreme Gaming brand makes a positive impression on a busy market

Compact Modularity: Cooler Master displays the MasterCase Pro 3

The new chassis of the popular manufacturer wants to provide the interesting benefits of the MasterBox 5 also for the mini-computer market