50 celebrates in style: AMD will launch festive versions of HWzone products
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50 celebrates in style: AMD will launch festive versions of its products

The red chip developer is about to launch its 100th anniversary celebrations with exclusive versions of the VII, the CPU 7 2700X and more

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There were days when we had a real fear of her ability to continue to exist, but to our delight they passed and feel like a distant past now - AMD Celebrates fifty years of development (And in the past also manufacturing) chips of all kinds and species, and this will be reflected in some limited edition collectors' products.

The first rumors about unique 50th Anniversary models have sprung up a few weeks ago, and now we know that Itself will launch special versions for the Ryzen 7 2700X, the leading octagon, VII is so rare. Surprisingly it seems that the special version of the processor will not provide increased working frequencies or any improvement Regarding the standard version - it will only be a case with a different design in gold and black and with the signature of the company's CEO Lisa Sue, who has laser-engraved the protective cover of the product. In other words, a product that is intended primarily for collectors, and less for enthusiasts. Meiravim who like the Red Camp.

One is signed and in black and gold shades - the other is fiery red
Source images: videocardz.com

We do not yet know the technical data of the festive Radeon model, but it seems reasonable to expect that it will also be represented (with a bright red shade) and no technological improvements beyond that - when we know that some of its longtime partners They also prepare special versions of their products to celebrate the event.

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Sapphire, one of AMD's most important partners in the world of graphic processing, Will offer a beautiful gilded version Of its Radeon RX 590 Nitro Plus model that also includes built-in RGB illumination in its fans (priced at the equivalent of 300 dollars in the Japanese market) - while Gigabyte will provide a special version of Ausus Gaming Panel 470 Wi-Fi Which will include a dedicated panel with colored illumination.

Lum is a more advanced version and slightly more colorful

The Jubilee celebration is set to officially begin on Wednesday next week (the 1 in May) - so we are likely to get more technical details, and possibly more colorful products from more manufacturers, starting this date. We will continue to follow and tell you!

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