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Cheap DX10 Cards - First Photos

It will also be displayed, not displayed, may be presented - it does not matter - MSI has decided to introduce cheap DX10 cards nonetheless.
The rumors about NVIDIA's cheap DX10 cards have been booming in recent months, and although they are not expected to officially reach CeBIT, we have exclusive pictures for you.
It's getting hot already
As we've already told you, the NVIDIA graphics processor manufacturer is planning a number of inexpensive solutions that support DX10. Currently, gamers who want to buy a video card that supports DX10 are asked to spend between their 1800 and 3500 shekels per card. To this niche of gamers who want all the performance and options without breaking a savings plan, NVIDIA plans to go in - but the details of how, and more importantly, when - are still unclear.
Rumors of the emergence of GeForce 8600 cards on CeBIT 2007 have been on the net for several weeks, but NVIDIA's contacts have repeatedly rejected them. It seems that the full day will not be tomorrow, and that this celebration will take place only after CeBIT passes and I return to Israel, but at MSI's booth we found some suspicious evidence about the future.
True, the name GeForce 8600 will not be found on the cards and not just GeForce - but when MSI writes New Graphics Card with DX10 on the cards, and explains to all those who pass cheap tickets and not 400-600 tickets, it is clear to everyone in Hanover what it is.
MSI also presented 4 versions of its own to the GeForce 8800 (some companies even offer different 7 models). One version includes a monstrous cooling block and a closed water cooling system - which will not be hot ...


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  1. Buy you at 3500 I'll wait until prices drop
    In the meantime, I will download games and save
    Until I have a video card, I wait quietly in no hurry

  2. Spring, how did you get to 3.5K?
    Expect a serious surprise very soon.
    Otto opening shot in the big battle of ETI
    In the face of Enbidia.

  3. We are not guessing
    Don't think too much should be attributed to something that hardly seems like a clue.

    Which of the Israelis are you? Have you visited a video card show and not taken something as a souvenir? What cooling? A small card?

  4. 8600GTS is more powerful than 8800GTX
    And costs about a third of it ... correct me if I'm wrong.
    To the best of my knowledge, 8800GTX's most rushed XFX works at a frequency of 630MHz to core and 2GHz to memory, while here it is written that 8600GTS will have the core frequency will be 675MHz and 2GHz for memory and this is before the companies rush. If that's true then we got the world's fastest ticket at $ 200.

  5. To 7.
    Its exaggeration, its very exaggeration, 8800GTX at the same clock speed
    Like the 8600GTS, the 8800GTX takes.

    But in general, it really pays off. Price / Performance.

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