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Cheaper, but still especially expensive: Razer launches new models for its laptops

15 inch version of Luxury Gaming is now starting at a $ 1,600 price tag - and we will soon find out what the price of the new generation's reduced Blade Stealth is, too.

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Nokia laptops They never pretended to be cheap or even competitive with other manufacturers, with a focus on design and build quality as a replacement - but American companies are still trying to expand their market share and are now offering another version of the 15 Blade at a discount of $ 400 for base price the previous.

The new 15 Blade on the company's site features a FullHD 15.6-inch panel and a maximum 60 Hz refresh rate, a six-core Core i7-9750H processor, a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card , A dynamic memory of 16GB, a drive that includes a drive 128GB volume and one terabyte hard drive and built-in 65 watt-hour battery - in a familiar black metallic case with maximum 20 millimeters thickness and 2.1 pounds weight.

God- Blade 15 for 2019 has been pre-distributed for a base model and advanced model with various hardware features - and now the base version has become more diverse with a pair of up-to-date configurations

The price? 1,600 dollars "only", compared to 2,000 dollars with which the mobile was launched earlier this year in a base model based on GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q - when interested in choosing a second discounted version with GTX 1660 Ti, fullHD screen at 144 accelerated refresh rate and array With an 256GB drive (plus the same terabyte mechanical drive) for $ 1,800.

At the top, the Blade 15 can be extremely expensive - almost like its big brother the Blade Pro

With the current Blade 15 alongside the new Blade Pro model we told you about, which attracts the price range of In the upward and downward-moving mobile realm - the key expectation is moving into the new Blade Stealth of the company expected to reach store shelves and receive its official prices sometime in the coming month.

The price of the new Blade Stealth may start at $ 1,500 - and jump to levels over $ 2,000 in upgraded hardware settings

The Blade Stealth for 2019 is set to mark the brand's biggest leap to date, thanks to the integration of Ice Lake processors from new quad-core In 10 nm lithography and dedicated GeForce GTX 1650 graphics (compared to GeForce MX150 in the upper 2018 version), along with FullHD 13.3 screens or For consumer choice - with an exciting thickness and weight of only 15 millimeters and 1.42 pounds only, respectively.

The Gaming Ultrabook will also be available in a 'mercury' shade - and possibly the pink shade introduced by the company earlier this year

There is no doubt that there is more to expect from the PC market, even from And many others - we will continue to monitor and update you on the prices of these models of the future.

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