Clean and advanced: Fractal Design ARC Midi in HWzone Review

Clean and advanced: Fractal Design ARC Midi


A few years ago, we did not know the brand Fractal Design, And it is not surprising. The Swedish company entered the packaging market somewhere in 2010, and is relatively young in the field. Entering this crowded market is not obvious, mainly because of almost total control of such well-known brands Antec, CoolerMaster, Thermaltake And more. Fractal Design Has performed the development and engineering of its products in Sweden and has chosen to stand out for products that look solid, clean and elegant with an emphasis on maximum functionality and qualities at a competitive price tag.
The company has several product series, the most prominent of which is the quiet packaging seriesDefine Which comes with acoustic insulation and a number of advanced features. Expect to cover products from this series in the near future.
In the performance category, we received a review of theARC MIDI, Which also boasts advanced features and a design not unlike theR4, If a slightly more accessible price tag stands for 90 $ translated into NIS 400 (at the time of writing this review).
ChassisARC MIDI Continues the minimalist and clean design line that is associated with a variety of cases Fractal Design, But offers design and interesting features. In addition,ARC MIDI Performance Of the line, which we will examine later on.

Data on paper

Model: FD-CA-ARC MIDI-BL Link to manufacturer site
configuration: Mid-Tower
Materials: Steel body, brushed plastic panels.
Size: 230 (width) on 460 (height) on 515 (depth) mm
Weight: 10 kg
Supported configurations: Mini-ITX, Micro-, ATX
Front panel connections: 2 ports in standard USB 2.0, One standard port USB 3.0, Sound and microphone outputs.
Expansion slots: 7 + 1
Bays 3.5 ": 8 compatible with 3.5 / 2.5 disks.
Bays 5.25 ": 2 when one of the salutes comes with an adapter for 3.5 / 2.5 disk.
Front Cooling: 2 PREPARATION Fans 120 / 140 mm, one 140 fan is included.
Rear cooling: 140 mm fan (included).
Upper cooling: 3 PREPARATION Fans 120 / 140 mm, one 140 fan is included.
* Upper cooling (optional): Preparation for 180 Fan + Fan 120 mm.
* Upper water cooling (optional): Preparation for radiator 120 x 2 Thickness up to 60 mm.
Lower Cooling: Fan 120 / 140 mm (optional).
Cooling side: Fan 140 / 180 mm (optional).
Body compatibility Processor: Up to a height of 180 mm.
Maximum screen card length: Up to length 29 mm, 470 mm without hard disk cage.
Special Features: Preparation for water cooling, easily removable filter at the bottom.
Quick reading of theARC Midi, You can be impressed by the system Which is relatively large in sizeNoon Standard, and it will be very interesting to see below how effective the system is this.

What's in the box?

The packageARC MIDI- We received it in a large cardboard box that was relatively wide Noon Standards. In addition, a prominent logo of the brand can be seen on the carton Fractal Design, And black paint with a glossy finish. A packaging that definitely attracts a potential buyer by virtue of its size and the glossy finish of the cardboard - which gives the impression of a luxury product. An important point to note is the weight of the chassis, which is about 10 a kilogram. A little weight for large cases Noon, So we expect to find a case made of durable, thick and high quality tin.
Even before opening the carton can be seen and impressed by the appearance of the case. On the cardboard side you can see a picture of theARC MIDI, Its key key features, and technical specs.
After opening the huge cardboard box,ARC MIDI Which is protected with large polycarbonate and nylon.
The case came in perfect condition with no scratch, thanks to the strict packaging.

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  1. I have the chassis in question…
    The main and noticeable drawbacks to my taste:
    The fan controller is at the rear of the chassis.
    With the exception of the lower filter, everything else is not removable.
    There's a great case.

  2. Noise measurements
    It is unclear how the noise is measured and the result presented is unlikely

  3. רעש
    Could you have forgotten to subtract the environmental decibels value from the end result?

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