Get to know the hottest and brightest color cards ever created
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Meet the brightest color cards ever created

Cards The new Hong Kong company is the most colorful and colorful to date - allowing consumers to choose between a pair of fans and three fans according to their personal preference

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It's hard to stand out in today's busy hardware market, so some manufacturers seem ready to go in extreme directions and strive for their goals - and so we get the new Inno3D iChill 3X series, which comes with enough light bulbs to light up an entire room , And not just the inside of the computer case.

Inno3D plans to launch models RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Based on the new cooling system, which includes a large aluminum block with an optional non-standard choice - either three 90 millimeters or an 100 millimeter fan set made of 15 blades, all of which are familiar to Schyte, which users can easily replace Between the two arrays according to what they prefer.

The most shrieking of all?

Using two slightly larger fans should provide quieter operation, while three fans should provide maximum heat dissipation capabilities to those who need it, especially after Of the processing core frequencies - and illuminating the The mass of the cover above the fans is colorful and customizable, of course.

The heat sink is certainly impressive, but we still do not know which frequencies it will provide to consumers as a default

We still don't know when exactly these models will be available for purchase in stores or how much they'll cost, but if you dream of putting together a system that simply won't be overlooked - you'll probably be better off following this piece that fits your vision.

At least some of the models that offer the unique cooling will also include a screen Built-in tiny display of technical data on the card in real time

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