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HWzone OCTober Competition Summary

The last month of October, which has just ended, brought with it the OCTober, HWzone.co.il's Overclocking Month, which has become a tradition in recent years and an integral part of the site and the community, And cooling.
During the month, content on the "hot" topic of your computer speed and the best performance of its various components were published on the site, with the highlight of the month finally coming to the event championship In OverClock Which we held at 28 in October at the RSM store complex Computer Services in Kfar Saba, sponsored by RSM and Intel.

Similar To the previous championship, This time the best overeklokers from all over the country gathered together to demonstrate what can be achieved with a little desire, quality (and not necessarily expensive) hardware and means Ranging from my body Terrifying, way Using dry ice to With the help of liquid nitrogen.

Competition Divided into three different points: from the edge of improvement , Assign Maximal cooling and air cooling Maximum in extreme cooling.
Note that this time, unlike previous years, there was no separation between Intel processors and processors , In view of the situation in the market Has become a little less attractive to Overturek enthusiasts, at least compared to competitors competing at home .
As we said, one picture is worth a thousand words, so we have prepared for you a video describing the course of the competition - from the establishment to the award ceremony. Viewing is recommended for everyone (and also desirable on 1080P) - even if you didn't and you wanted to know what you lost and if you and you wanted to remember.

The list of prizes made for the event was particularly impressive, as usual, and the total prizes awarded to the winners of the competition amounted to tens of thousands of shekels:

Performance improvement edge

First Place

second place

  • drive Of Intel
  • body CoolerMaster V8
  • Case NZXT Vulcan

Third place

Maximizing Performance - Air / water

First Place

  • Intel processor i5 760
  • Memory OCZ PC3-15000 Platinum 2 x 2GB
  • body CoolerMaster V10

second place

  • drive Of the OCZ
  • body CoolerMaster V8

Third place

Maximizing Performance - extreme

First Place

second place

  • Intel processor i5 655K
  • Case NZXT Phantom
  • body CoolerMaster V8
In addition to these awards, during the competition more prizes were distributed to the audience who came to the event! Video card Palit GTS 250, Block 4500 ThermalTake Water, Fixtures Of CoolerMaster and And fans of Were among the prizes drawn at the event.

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12 תגובות

  1. Congratulations to the winners!
    But what about the numbers? What frequencies did the second and third frequencies reach? That's the most interesting part!

  2. Congratulations to the organizers
    First of all, come on the pool.
    Second, expect a detailed report on rush data, frequency tensions and everything needed.

  3. What a beauty
    Wow, well done to you all. What a beauty of investing. The liquid nitrogen section killed me.
    It pays to jump to some sort of thing there are some things that interest me about hardware.

  4. Some?
    "In the heart of the system were two Radeon HD 6870 cards launched a few days ago, after arriving at the event directly from customs ... Except for the 6870 cards, the computer included Intel Core i7 950 processor, Gigabyte's X58 UD5 motherboard, no less than 12GB memory Corsair's DDR3 and Intel's SSD drive - this entire impressive system was assembled by RSM personnel on the Antec 900-2 chassis.
    RSM Dream Computer Connects to Giant Display Screen "
    How much does this cost?
    Ignore the previous comment if the system agreed to charge me (I was waiting to put content in it)

  5. Second place in improvement percentage - not at all Pierre
    The second-place improvement guy took a cheap processor, Sempron, and just opened it up another core - it's not OC it's UNLOCK - it's not Pierre, it's not Overclock ...

  6. Congratulations to the winners
    For the liquid nitrogen it is simply too hot at a temperature exceeding minus 190 and it evaporates!

  7. Congratulations to the winners
    With a water cooling system that is the radiator of the processor and board you can perform overclocking without worrying about overheating

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