Computer gaming at a great price: the hardware operations on the network

Let's take advantage of the opportunity to purchase mobile gaming with a hexagonal processor and card GTX 1060 at a discount of 200 dollars from the standard price - and also cards Especially large volume

Even today there are definitely interesting deals in the online store That we do not want to let you miss - so we've put them here in one convenient and detailed list.

A Acer notebook computer from the latest version of the Helios 300 series Which includes an 15.6 IPS screen with 1080p resolution and a high maximum 144 Hz refresh rate, an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB video card, and a drive Of 256GB and 16GB dynamic memory is sold at a base price of 1,000 USD (instead of 1,200 USD on most days) - and 1,262.41 includes shipping and VAT of approximately NIS 4,545 and a huge cost-benefit ratio for the level Such.

With a similar level of severity are sold in Israel at prices of 6,500 shekels or more for the most part

The XMUMGBGB NVSE Force Force MP510 drive Sold for a great price of 82.28 dollars, or just about 300 shekels. The NVME Force MP300 is more modest than the 480GB Can be yours for $ 72.11, or $ 265.

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The Force MP510 drive is 960GB Sold at the price of 163.06 dollars including VAT and delivery to the house, ie about 590 shekels.

Deal of the Day deals with PNY's various storage products, including the cheapest microSD cards to date with a massive volume of 512GB: Basic Elite model with speeds up to 90 megabytes per second Sold in 103.04 Dollars (NIS 375) And Pro Elite with speeds up to 100 megabytes per second and compatibility with the A2 App Performance standard for random performance Available for 113.61.

Mini-expansion cards with half a terabyte volume are rapidly falling in price and are approaching the Israeli VAT exemption threshold, to our delight

SSD 2.5-inch drive CS900 Basic Volume of 120GB Available at a minimum price of 24.87 (NIS 95, with a warm recommendation to combine additional products in the same purchase for a relative reduction of shipping charges) - and at a price of 57.53 Inflate 480GB More advanced.

512GB USB drive Available under the VAT exemption threshold - The Elite-X model, which claims to offer continuous transmission speeds of up to 200 megabytes per second, is sold at the price of 77.18 USD or NIS 280.

Maximum volume with minimum dimensions and minimum price

256GB USB drive capable of transmitting speeds up to 400 megabytes per second Available at the price of 47.13 dollars (175 shekels), whereas A USB drive with a very impressive volume of one terabyte Offered for 160.44 USD (NIS 580) including VAT and shipping.