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Black Friday Special Operations

The big day is already here, and it's your time to buy gadgets, electronics and hardware at affordable prices - with our help

The main festival of operations in the western market, which promises to be the best and most profitable period to purchase all the products you need (or do not need, but still want) for them, comes to a head today, and as always we try to make you order and make sure you do not miss any deal. So without further unnecessary introductions, we start.


  • The unique Nextbit Robin smartphone, With 808 hexagonal cores, 5.2-inch IPS screen, memory Of 3GB, volume Built-in 32GB plus 100GB of volume Free in the cloud, sold in 242 dollars including tax and shipping to Israel, which are about NIS 950.
  • LG 34UM57 Ultra-Wide Screen, 34-inch diagonal and 2,560 × 1,080 pixel resolution, is offered at a cost of 464 dollars and includes taxes and shipping to the country, for about NIS 1,820.

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  • Unlocked the new Honor 8 from Huawei, With Octagonal cores, 5.2 IPS screen and FullHD resolution, dual camera array, 32GB storage and memory Of 4GB, sold for 336 Euros including taxes and shipping to the country - ie about NIS 1,400.
  • The 3DS XL portable console from the new Nintendo series, In several different shades, is offered for 191 Euro including shipping and taxes - about NIS 800, which is a discount of NIS 300 and more than the cost in the country.
  • Boom 2 Powerful Ultimate Ears speaker Offered in a variety of colors at the price of 132 EUR including taxes and shipping to Israel, approximately NIS 560, a discount of close to NIS 250 compared to the minimum cost in the local market.
  • Polar Sport M400 Sport Watch Sold on 122 EUR including taxes and shipping, or 133 EUR plus a dedicated heart rate belt - about NIS 520 and NIS 570, which is a discount of hundreds of shekels from the local price.
  • Sphero's cool robotic toy, In the design of the favorite BB-8 druid from Star Wars: The Power Awakens, is offered at the price of 138 EUR, approximately NIS 590.
  • Samsung Smart Gear S2 Watch, With a Super Screen Round 1.2 in diameter, 512MB of dynamic memory, volume Built in 4GB and a unique Tizen system, sold at 238 Euro including VAT, taxes and shipping to the country, as NIS 1,000 which is a discount of NIS 250 compared to the cheapest cost of the model in stores in Israel.


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  • MSI Native Gaming - Model GL62 6QF-893 With 15.6-inch screen, Core i7-6700HQ quad-Core processor, 12GB RAM, 128GB SSD-based storage and terabyte hard drive and GeForce GTX 960M graphics card sold in 955 dollars including taxes and shipping to Israel, which are 3,730 Shekels. In addition, the latest model and more advanced type GT72VR Dominator With 17.3 inch screen support technology , Processor i7-6700HQ and video card GTX 1060 is offered at the price of 1,528 USD total-all-inclusive, which is about 6,000 shekels.







pay attention That in order to get the optimal price you must set the local currency of the Amazon store where you want to make a purchase as the base currency of the credit card with which you The purchase, in the payment method menu - this is to avoid currency conversions that will cost the final price.

Electrical Warehouses

The network offers Several hundred products at bargain prices.

  • speaker Flip 3 sample of Sold for NIS 400.


  • Mobile 10 Compact Asus E200HA sample, with a sealed x5-Z8300 quad-core processor and system 10, Sold on 944 NIS.
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard set The G100 sample, which is adapted for light gaming, is sold for only NIS 70.
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse set The MK220 is sold at NIS 78.
  • The Asus 540LA-XX111D mobile with 15.6-inch screen and processor i5-5200U Sold for ILS 1,761.
  • Console 360 with Drive Of 500GB and the Forza Horizon 2 game is sold for only NIS 700.


The network offers Deals on a number of Chinese smartphones Which it imports independently in a parallel manner.

  • The ultra-powerful Mi Max smartphone with an 6.44-inch screen, 650 hexagonal cores, memory Of 3GB, volume Of 32GB and a particularly generous 4,850mAh battery is sold at NIS 1,130.
  • Unlocked P8 Lite with Huawei Square cores, memory Of 2GB, volume Of 16GB and good construction quality is offered on 850 NIS.
  • The Mi Notebook Air notebook, with a Core3 processor, an 12.5 IPS screen, 4GB RAM, a drive 128GB and thin aluminum body is sold in NIS 2,680.


  • Unlocked the Mi 5S Plus's freshly-made, with 821 new and advanced, 5.7-sized IPS screen, memory Of 4GB and volume Of 64GB is offered with a price tag of ILS 2,280.


The network of gadgets Offers a week of promotions and discounts, Starting from yesterday (November 24) to next Friday, the 3 in December 2016. There is a proposal for a discount of 50 on the second product (the cheapest of the two) in the gaming equipment of the brands , Turtle Beach and SteelSeries, and 70's discount on the second shown in categories of , Keyboards, mice and the like from AKG brands, , Harman / Kardon, Audio-Techninca, Creative and more.

  • Meizu's U20 smartphone, with an 5.5-inch IPS screen and an 1080p resolution, Helio P10 octagonal cores and 3,260mAh battery is offered for NIS 800 per model with 2GB of And 16GB of storage, or 1,000 shekels per model with 3GB of storage And 32GB of .
  • Dell's latest Pavilion 14, with dual-core Core i5-7200U core Kaby Lake core, 14 1080P SSN screen, 256GB SSD drive, 8GB dynamic memory and GeForce 940MX graphics card offered at 3,092. There is also an 15.6-inch version with similar specifications and a video card model R5 M430 for NIS 2,696.


  • Bluetooth - based wireless speakers Of the company Sold for bad prices: NIS 400 for the Charge 2 Plus model, and NIS 250 for the Flip 2 model.
  • An interesting offer also exists for MSI Cubi mini PCs - model with Celeron 3215U processor, built-in dynamic memory of 4GB, built-in storage of 32GB and system 10 installed is sold for 800 shekels.


The network of gadgets, hardware and computers Offers enterprise promotions that will last for the coming week, Until next Friday. As in previous years, it is possible to find several product categories in which a second product is offered at a discount of 60 per cent, for brands such as peripheral equipment , GoPro, Roccat, , Rapoo and more.

  • VP650 Power Supply Company , With a total power of 650 watts, sold for 280 shekels.
  • P280 's successful PXNUMX chassis Sold for NIS 440.


  • Unlocked the Meizu M3S, with Octagonal cores, 5 IPS screen, memory Of 2GB and volume Built-in 16GB, is sold on 590 shekels.
  • The company's advanced Kuhler H1200 water cooling system Offered for NIS 340.


The chain offers a very modest number of deals For the current day only, with Snehizer's HD201 earphones on NIS 65, bags from the EBOX, Spigen, Ogio and Goodis brands at 20 discounts, and a S22F350FH computer screen , 21.5-inch size for only NIS 365.

TMS and Wellcom

The two shops Include the same promotions For different products 104.

  • GX200 Case At the price of ILS 172.
  • Gigabyte's GA-Z170M-D3H Motherboard, with support for DDR3 memory, for the latest processors , Sold on 250 shekels only.


  • A relatively small video card and a relatively long, but still worthy, sample Radeon R9 280X Windforce X3 of the company , Sold on 522 NIS.
  • The Interceptor DS B1 wired gaming mouse Offered for 96 shekels only.
  • The popular Define S Black case Offered at 305 Shekels.


The computer store Offers a modest number of its own deals For Black Friday.

  • Kingston's HyperX Cloud Stinger, which fits both PCs and Sony's current generation consoles, And Microsoft, are sold for only NIS 159.
  • Gps gaming headset Cloud Revolver is offered for 459 NIS.


  • Set 2.1 Corporation The Z523 is sold in NIS.
  • The Liva X2 ECS mini computer, with a quad-core Pentium N3050 processor, built-in 2GB RAM, built-in 32GB storage and system 10 is offered on ILS 770.


The computer store Offers several products for sale at discounted prices Marking the end of the year.

  • GeForce GTX 1050 Ti G1 Video Card Of the company Sold on 800 NIS.
  • GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics Card with GeForce Dual fans of the company Sold for NIS 1,900.
  • The Rapoo V100 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set is sold at a very affordable price of 260.



The store offers A few dozen products at discounts for the Black Friday, Which will be valid until Monday the 28 in November.

  • drive Toshiba's TR150 sample-, In 480GB volume, is sold in ILS 600.


  • Wireless mouse and keyboard set MK235 is sold for only NIS 90.
  • Z523 Speaker Set Sold (also here) at a great price of ILS 230.
  • Company Products Are offered on sale, while the second (the cheapest) will be given at 50 a discount.

And now you are

You've found more And stores with We have not mentioned, have you found even better deals than we do elsewhere in the web? Share your comments with others, so everyone can earn!

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