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Competition Writing Guides!

Who among us does not like to read guides? Whether it's a good hardware guide on a change that we can also do to a computer, a guide Bold or Guide to New Software We Didn't Know - Guides are the heart of content, which teaches us things we didn't know.

Instructors section
The site is one of the popular content sections on HWzone, so we decided to continue pushing it forward, and we announce a competition for writing guides sponsored by Visual DG with prizes from QNAP and Worth thousands of shekels.

Want to win a QNAP 2TB NAS drive or one of the other prizes? All you have to do is send us a short guide and hold your fingers.

What are the rules for participating in the competition?

  1. The writing competition will take three weeks, from Sunday 7 / 11 / 2010 to Sunday 28 / 11 / 2010, during which time all of you may send materials to the system.
  2. The article must be an original guide written by the sender, whether about a physical change, installation of any hardware or software from the computer world.
  3. All guides should be original and not copied or translated from a previous source. Do not send directories that were previously published elsewhere, even if the sender is the original writer.
  4. All physical guides should be about an activity done by the writer, and all images should be original and not copied.
  5. The article must be a minimum length of about 400 words and a maximum length of about 1200 words.

The prizes

The articles will be judged according to different criteria and the first three places will receive the awards from Visual DG by awarding the first place on a NAS server (Network Attached Storage server sample) TS-110-EU of QNAP Along with 2TB hard drive. QNAP will also receive second place on QNAP's TS-110-EU NAS server, but it will receive "1TB" hard drive only. The third place will take home Motherboard P7H55-M Motherboard, A tiny UATX H55 panel that also includes an HDMI port - especially for special projects and computers .

The articles should be sent to the email address [Email protected] No later than Sunday 28 to November 2010 at 23: 55. Copied articles or articles based on content not written by the sender or copyrighted content - will be disqualified from participating in the contest.

Of all the senders, we will select the three best, most interesting, and most detailed articles, and their authors will win prizes. Of course you are welcome to read and read all the articles of the site from the past nine years, and to help them.

So sharpen keyboards and ... get going!

10 תגובות

  1. Is there exclusivity on the guides that will be posted?
    For example, if after I submit the guides and after the winners receive the awards, can I publish these guides elsewhere?

  2. I want to know, too
    The same thing they asked in response # 2.

    I have a guide I wrote a long time ago Weller is still published, my original guide with pictures I took from the screen with image capture software, about 588 words in length, I want to send it to the competition but I'm not sure about it because I want to publish it as a PDF file later on Of my business.

  3. Answer to 2 and 4
    It is not prohibited to post any content anywhere else, provided it is not posted on the site.
    If we decide to publish any directory, and the author of the directory approves, it will not be able to publish elsewhere without our permission.

  4. Thank you very much 5!
    you helped me alot :)
    I'll send a system guide soon.

    Are you saying that if (in retrospect) I want to publish the manual that I send to the system elsewhere and ask you to give me a green light?

  5. Food Video Guides?
    I am quite into a video tutorial section, no problem getting one done but I am much more creative with video tutorials

  6. Hi Ori (7 number)
    Yes, you are welcome.
    Send us a link to the guide, and if it wins, we'll already adjust how to deliver the full high quality guide.


  7. a question
    When will the winners be announced? Is it already next Monday, or is it a complex selection process that requires several days? How will the winner know about winning?
    thank you and good luck!

  8. Is there a length limit for a video guide?
    Since I'm not preparing a well-written guide, I would like to know if I have some length restriction for my video guide?
    And another topic I want to find out, was I reading here in one of your answers to someone else that if the guide is not published on the site, the question is that this is for the entire network (because I have a large number of directories that I have published elsewhere), or that you refer to this specific site (hwzone)?

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