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AC Ryan's project logs competition

AC Ryan announced its annual competition for the end of 2005, this time the Best Modding Worklog Project Competition.
First, some of you probably ask themselves, 'AC Ryan'? Who is this or what is 'AC Ryan'? AC Ryan is a hardware company specializing primarily in lighting equipment, lighting elements, round cables, chassis windows, etc. Although recently, it has also begun supplying high-quality suppliers and computer coolers.

Now you are probably asking yourself why to run a contest to choose the best project log, rather than a regular mudding contest. The company explains that excellent modding is not the only thing a project log needs to make interesting, good and contributing to the community. The company is also looking for the interaction between the advertiser and the readers, and among the readers themselves, the attempt to help and guide and in general - to advance the community forward.
The winner of the competition, one winner, will merit to go home with the Grand Prize. The prize is a prize money worth € 2000 or $ 2400.
Not only can the advertiser win, but also the readers of the diaries. Among the readers who will participate in the competition will be distributed 12 more prizes!

Rules of the competition Extremely simple. Every project logs forum in the world is acceptable - yes, too Forum logs our projects! In order to enter the contest, you must place a reference within your project log in the AC Ryan competition page (the rules for how, are on their site), and send them an email link to it.
You can send several journals of the same project (found in different forums) to the competition, and each will be judged separately. Also, the rules do not allow the jumping of a project that you have already finished just to include it in the competition - note this!
The competition will close at 31 for January 2006, with the winners being announced shortly thereafter.

So come on! Let's show the world that in Israel, too, we can publish Modding projects, because we all know that we have wonderful projects here.
Good luck to everyone!

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