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Continue to postpone the end? NVIDIA is preparing the GeForce GTX 960 Ti

The year 2016 will be the year in which we will jump to modern and innovative production processes in the world of graphics core, but until that happens we will expect some more guest appearances from 28 Technology The good old

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The upcoming Pascal generation Sounds more exciting with every new piece of information that comes to us, but keep in mind that first models based on it may only reach the market in about six months, which also means that first "popular" intermediates can only land towards the end of 2016 - a time set Somewhere in the "eternity" area in terms of the hardware world, and supposedly a To continue to exhaust all the potential of its current and final generation 28 nanometer.

According to Chinese site benchlife, Which has brought us some juicy leaks over the past month, Are not yet ready to spend the next generation 2.0, and are currently preparing the " GTX 960 Ti, which will probably reduce the 100 gap between the GTX 970 and the GTX 960 significantly, especially when it appears that the 4GB version of the GTX 960 will fully take the place of the basic 2GB version.


Technical details about the new model are not yet available, but it is naturally assumed that this will be a large GM204 core that eliminated several processing clusters and reduced memory controller bandwidth - something we have already seen on the GTX 965M and GTX 970M models, as well as the GTX 970 desktop. The real options it seems to face Both the 9 12 and the 16 are equipped with active 204 processing clusters from the existing 1,152 core, providing 1,536 to 128 with CUDA to work with 192 bit or XNUMX bit width.

Some speculate that the new model will be similar to the OEM model of the standard GeForce GTX 960,
There are those who speculate that the new model will resemble the OEM model of the The standard GTX 960 (in terms of number of processing units and graphics memory, with a fine addition to the frequencies of operation of both)

This type of GeForce GTX 960 Ti should be enough to be a significant and worthy competition AMD's new Radeon R9 380XBut not sure that it would be enough to convince the knowledgeable - a particularly good cost / benefit ratio would be required to convince hardware enthusiasts to go for a card from contemporary architecture, with a massive technological leap ahead that also promises to change world order in terms of hardware.

One last application to the core of the GM204?
One last application to the core of the GM204?

God- GTX 960 Ti may be revealed in January 2016, so we certainly hope that we will hear more details about it, to help us decide whether it will be great or unnecessary, soon.


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  1. There are no forums so I'm interested to know why everyone here (or at least I have read) are scorning the mini model of gtx 970 card, for example, is a self-respecting website or channel and that's its impression from the card

    Is there any reason why they claim to be inferior to his regular version?

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