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Lottery Modular Package MasterCase 5 Pro - the winner

Collar Master Guerrilla Case MasterCase 5 Pro and you can win it!

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The case Recently launched, And it is the kind that you can disassemble and assemble as you wish. God-MasterCase 5 It is a Mid Tower chassis with capacity to accommodate six 120 fans. The chassis gives the user the ability to replace and change a large part of the interior and exterior elements of the chassis - internal and external panels, side doors, filters, dividers and of course fans.

The winner

After a lottery made by the site team, the user came up YinonOzery Which gets a new modular MasterCase 5 Pro chassis!
Congratulations! Please contact us to receive the prize (contact at

MasterCase 5 Pro - This package can be yours
MasterCase 5 Pro - This package can be yours

The package has two versions, a standard version and a Pro version, and of course this lottery will be rolled out the Pro version, which includes a docking suitable for the upper radiator, additional fan, transparent side window, additional hard drive docking And hard drive cases.

How do you participate?

All you have to do is Answer the two questions in a survey forum Suppliers and packagesLink to survey

Duration of the lottery

The lottery will take two weeks, from today, the 10 to December, and until Thursday the 24 in December. At the end we will publish the winner's name on this page.

At the end of the lottery period, the MasterCase 5 Pro package will be rolled out among all participants In the survey!

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