The new Cooler Master gaming heads are on their way to launch in Israel

From now on, not only And cooling bodies: The brand from Taiwan is also officially expanding into the audio categories for gaming enthusiasts

Cooler Master continues to expand its interests and areas of interest, like most of the major players in the hardware world, and from now on it can be officially referred to as an audio company aimed at an audience Mature and a little more serious than most competitors.

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Get to know the headsetMH751 and-MH752 Of the company, which is the springboard to the field - with landing also designated in the Holy Land down the road.

Pair of models Which are very similar - yet also different in a way that is impossible to ignore

The MH751 model offers Based on an 40-diameter neodymium magnet in an artificial leather casing and an 250 (non-cable) plastic and metal structure that offers a standard 3.5 millimeter connection to support both personal computers, mobile products and game consoles. There is also a microphone with a flexible connector that can be integrated into the product when using gaming, and easily removed in situations where you simply want to listen to music or audio without talking.

Sane weight, folding structure and audio and microphone cables that can be dismantled for maximum comfort in any layout

The MH752 model offers the same basic audio features, but adds an amplifier to the array A small dedicated controller that provides control over the volume of the drivers and microphone, as well as a virtual 7.1 surround mode for supporting applications - all within a reasonable overall weight of 340, including the amplifier and audio cable.

On the days when a significant portion of computing products do not invest too much in the quality of the audio they produce, the addition of DAC is critical to real audiophiles, and those who aspire to become audiophiles

Quite a surprising contrast to most other popular products from home , The MH75 offers a solid, solid black design with no trace of colorful LED lights or aggressive illustrations to shout at the fact that the product is geared towards the gamers - even the manufacturer's logo is not fully displayed but only its famous diamond frame, Minimalism.

The design succeeded in surprising us positively

The price of the MH751 model in North America stands at $ 80, excluding taxes, while the price of the more sophisticated MH752 model is $ 100 - and in Israel the prices are expected to be NIS 280 and NIS 330 respectively. It pays or not - you are welcome to write to us what your opinions are in the reactions.