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Thermalright's cooling monster

IPhone - - iphone manufacturer Another luxury comes back to our lives with an updated product designed to provide competition even for the most advanced water cooling

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Thermalright is a name that should be well known to anyone who has become interested in the world of hardware and hardware in the previous decade, so its works were considered the most advanced and quality in the market almost without question. Since then a lot of time has changed in the field that has become more competitive - but Thermalright continues to exist at the top, and is now launching a body New device designed to deal with any home processor in the environment.

Refrigeration Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme Rev. B, which has an obviously unfriendly name, is characterized by a formidable weight of nearly 1.2 kilograms, which is mostly made up of a body Double aluminum with 45 fins in each of its parts and eight nickel-plated copper heat conduction tubes - in combination with a pair of TY-140 143 millimeters that come without colored illuminations but with the ability to reach 2,500 rpm and impressive 130CFM airflow. This massive array is designed to effectively dissipate heat from processors that consume up to 320 (!), So that it will also be suitable for the most powerful processors, Independent.

One of the most massive air convoys we have encountered in recent times

The updated Silver Arrow is adapted for anchoring the base of the AM4 bracket And based on a large variety of LGA residency from , From the old LGA775, through all the LGA115X family residences to the LGA2066 of the latest HEDT processors - so that, apart from the massive TR4, there is almost nothing lacking from the point of view of the home consumer.

Uncompromising quality - at a price that is expected to be uncompromising accordingly

Thermalright's massive cooling will be offered in a package with a thermal paste, fixation on the back of the motherboard that will prevent the heavy weight from adversely affecting it and correlate for the various supported seats - all at a price that is expected to be approximately $ 100, Similar to the fresh and impressive air cooling from Noctua Which shares the serious and mature approach, with an emphasis on the quality of the building and less on a loud and conspicuous design.

Not intended for novice users - but for those who have already installed several systems in their lives

It is not certain that this is the product that will bring the Taiwanese actress back to its heyday - but for those who make up a leading system and are devoid of solutions Water This is a proposal with considerable potential.


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  1. אני חושש שהNOCTUA D14 שהיה לי עיקם לאט לאט את הלוח הקודם וגרם לפטירתו בטרם עת.
    לTR4 שלי קניתי כבר קירור צנוע יותר במשקל.

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