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Core i9 9900K processor gets a collectors version

In a somewhat puzzling step, and not quite expected, she decided To launch a limited refresh to its flagship processor i9 named 9900K i9 9900KS - What to expect?

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Taiwan's largest 2019 Computex exhibition will only open tomorrow morning, but already the chipmaker is announcing the launch moves it will perform at a conference. One of the "interesting" announcements is a limited and rushed version of its flagship processor i9 9900K plus the letter S at the end of the Special Edition markup.

This version is exactly the same as the i9 9900K with an easy frequency change in which all processor cores are expected to operate at a frequency of 5Ghz unlike the existing 4.7Ghz in the existing processor when there are no power or temperature limits.

Of course, such a processor will come with extra voltage and from the desired use of the motherboard has an advanced electric system as well as advanced cooling. It is arguable that even the best air coolers will find it difficult to run such a processor under certain environmental conditions.

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While background sounds are being heard in various hardware communities around the world for the announcement of a core 10 processor, such a step increases the chances that we will not see a processor with higher cores than 8 and we will not see new series for Intel's desktop processors this year, which could be a big disappointment to those waiting for an Intel response. That- Going to show tomorrow morning. We do not expect surprises, but there may be promises in the desktop processors sector Is expected to heat engines and launch a new series tomorrow morning, which may be a turning point in the balance of power between these two companies, at least in the desktop processors market.

We are waiting to hear about the price tag the CPU will receive. i9 9900KS But considering that the slower version is available, we expect a $ 489 price tag for at least this special version

what do you think? Is launching such a limited version processor the right answer? What a step Should do in order to start and profit from the market disconnect it has begun to lose rapidly since the launch 2000? We'll be glad to hear!


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  1. Not "pity Intel", at least
    Now there's nothing to feel sorry for Intel.
    but …..
    One big disgrace - absolutely!
    If that's all Intel has to show….

    1. Who does this mention to AMD's desperate move in the past with FX-9590? How the tables turned, Intel seemed to return to the corner that AMD was then, squeezing its silicon to the last drop to overcome the gap in IPC and manufacturing technology.

      By that you can understand that they have already internalized that AMD's 8 cores is going to give 9900K a knockout so they offered this version at the official banners that would look like Intel's octagon cores are still the fastest in the world.

      What is sad is that we will have almost nothing left in this silicon for OC, while AMD will be another OC spotter as seen.
      In my opinion these are just the silicones that Intel sold to GIGABYTE with the Bendel of the board and 9900K with 5.1GHZ guaranteed.
      And what is special about when Gigabit offers a water cooled board and a premium 9900K with a guaranteed 5.1GHZ?,38988.html

  2. Tomorrow we'll be smarter.

    I believe that if Intel had

    Something in the sleeve, long gone

    Take it out to the media,

    At least in the teaser.

  3. Recent history indicates that Intel always has something up its sleeve.
    History also indicates that Intel's two are equal to AMD's four.
    Rumors say this time AMD will introduce the next step (all inclusive: consumer needs, etc.).
    The question is how far AMD's next step will threaten Intel?
    Intel is sure to have something up its sleeve, and if it doesn't suffice .. You can always take the underwear off by default (which Intel avoided very much)
    What is certain is that if tomorrow looks like an AMD processor we would expect to receive from Intel… then Intel will be in a very awkward position.

    1. The nonsense you write…. Already amd a few percent against Intel ipc plus Intel with manufacturing difficulties up to 2021 if not 2022 for desktop. Your Intel Fanboism is worrying…. Stick to the facts and roadmap that Intel itself has published and stop spreading your unrealistic love.
      So where are two of Intel worth xNUMX of amd? In Bunzmark you have your home and no website in the world support the nonsense you write?

  4. This was already the case at 2006, so there is no reason for it not to return after stepping in place in recent years, Intel's new and interesting generation is already in preparation but don't think that for the future 2020 / 21 will be in full steam, it's not from today to tomorrow.

    Who expected all of Intel's progress in 10 years of "development" - a company with a budget and closed the gap in one launch, improved after a year and tomorrow already opens a gap.
    Intel has told us that in a good situation, the generation-to-generation improvement is about 5%, and is AMD came up with BOOM and improved IPC over 50%, then another 5% in retrospectively and again tomorrow jumps at 15 ~ 20% in multiprocessor processors that are more expensive than X and already see X EUV is already mass-producing and another 7 can be interpreted with the new generation effortlessly and ZEN6 already ready for production.

  5. Quote of Jabberwock

    Intel fell asleep in the round


    It's like saying AMD fell asleep on video cards….

    As if Intel did not have and still does not have manufacturing problems

    In small lithographs and as if she had no delays as a result.

    Of course that's not the whole picture, but "falling asleep" is not.

  6. Intel's swan song, how sad it is, so used to being a monopoly, with all the respect and patriotism I have for Intel AMD played it in the giant and with the next generation they're going to give a complete knockout to Intel 16 processor for the masses at a sane price that certainly inspires aspiration

  7. Intel has become FX, that's how you get there and let marketing people take the lead in the engineers' forum.

    4.6GHZ With the addition of 15% IPC it's around Intel's 5.3GHZ, and that's before OC Yng !.

    Intel can no longer compete with this, there is no room for OC.

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