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Budget silencing: Corsair introduces new promising package

The Carbide 110Q offers a opaque black design designed to reduce the noise level of the system - at a very surprising price

Most enclosures in the market today place the emphasis on flamboyant design, usually with colorful illuminations and glass coverings, and not as low noise levels as possible - but there are also these exceptions to our delight, even with the biggest and best known names.

American Corsair is the one who is making the point these days with its fresh budget Carbide 110Q model, with classic black and subdued metallic design that emphasizes insulation from the outside world to reduce unwanted volume - at a recommended price of only 70 dollars (about NIS 250) Excluding tax.

A new case for those who do not want to boast and impress anyone thanks to the exterior look

The favorite chassis is a Mid-Tower that fits in or smaller ATX motherboards without compromising the internal hardware dimensions with the ability to cram in Up to a maximum length of up to 33 inches, power supplies up to 18 inches and air coolers for the main processor up to 16 inches high.

There is also plenty of room for large and advanced hardware - although the available cooling system is relatively basic, it is worth noting

The Carbide 110Q features front and rear audio reducer covers, built-in dust on the bottom and front, a front panel with a pair of 3.1 Type-A USB connectors and a quiet 3.5 millimeter integrated for audio, space for a pair of drives 3.5 inch configuration plus space for a pair of drives Of 2.5 inches, space for a single 5.25 drive for optical media readers - and space for one 120 millimeter fan to the rear and three 120 millimeter fans up front, which can be replaced with a pair of 140 millimeter fans or a dual radiator up to 280 millimeter.

Prefer a semi-transparent glass window from the side? There is also such an option, with no extra cost

Corsair will also offer a case called Carbide 110R that will offer the same mechanical properties at the same price but with tempered glass siding for the benefit of those who still prefer a silent look - and these two will become available for purchase in the coming weeks. Want to try and guess if they will reach the Holy Land, and how much will the local audience raise? Let's do this in the comments.


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