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Corsair Crystal 280X in Review: Compact RGB - elegant

We took a critique of the new creation of - mATX enclosure that incorporates modern features like water cooling compatibility, tempered glass window and of course a lot of RGB

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Corsair has recently become a name in the field of personal computer aesthetics. The company has equipment such as keyboards, mice, enclosures, power supplies, water coolers, headphones and more - all with a fairly clear and uniform design line. This is to strengthen brand awareness among the various computer users and create an environment that as many of its parts come from the same manufacturer. And enlightenment Have already become best friends.

In this review, we were given the opportunity to experiment with a special case of the company, one that includes its various features but without the use of huge dimensions - this time it is the queue of mid-range computers with a mATX configuration, or Micro . This configuration allows motherboards with 4 expansion slots or less to be installed.

God-Crystal 280X Belong to the family of Crystal Cases , Which is characterized mainly by the use of sealed glass as doors and as additional elements. The most popular packages in this series sold in Israel are 460X and 570X. The 280X package comes in a price tag of 170 USD, or 725 in Israel.

The package comes in a large, well-padded package. Elastic packing material is used in a respectable quantity.

The crystal 280X may seem high, but in fact its height is relatively modest and stands at only 40 centimeters. As noted, tables are supported if the mATX and mITX standards have 1-4 slots to expand. This chassis uses the 2 method for partitions to install and organize the hardware. One partition is designed for the motherboard area while the other, the rear, is designed to provide power and storage.

The front and top of the chassis have two outputs 3.0, headphones and microphone, as well as power and fire buttons. This package does not exist Type-C is unfortunately front-end.

The back of the case contains a removable air filter with magnets for use with the power supply and other components such as the volume that can be ventilated by docking a fan.

The door on the side of the case and the glass cover on the roof come with this closing mechanism. I think the screws are too long but at least we can tell that the glass is properly secured to the case.

The chassis roof can accommodate two size 120 fans and one with light bulbs On the roof. The glass cover sits about one centimeter above the ventilator area and leaves a gap where the hot air can come out. It is important to note that there is another fan in the front of the chassis.

This is what the partition is for the motherboard and the components installed on it. There is a generous use of guys who serve light and successful wiring, and also use rubber to hide cables. There is room for installing 4 120 more fans as there is room for two more at the bottom of the case.

The second partition designed for the power supply contains rubber legs that allow for its installation and absorption of vibrations from its fan. There are also two controllers that come with the case. These controllers are connected by a USB cable to the 2.0 on the motherboard, and they control the fan lights using the iCUE software . There is also control over the rotation speed.

When it comes to means , There are three trays 2.5 INCH and two inch 3.5 trays that come with an adjustment to the 2.5 INCH so I would describe the support for the storage in this highly worthy package. You can completely disconnect the drive devices and remove them from the chassis.

Time to start assembly. This part is entered by an 850W provider with a standard length of 16.5 centimeters. There is plenty of room for power books in Crystal 280X and many 1200W power supplies will enter here without a problem.

The motherboard used is the Asrox H370M Pro4, along with a processor i5 8400. The memory is the ADATA D80 2X8GB with RGB LEDs. Also, the video card that was assembled is the Palit Geforce GTX 1080 Jetstream, one of the largest video cards in the environment. The processor is the NH-L12 .

This graphics card that comes along 31 inches still has room to grow. The cables that connect to the graphics card do not have much space in this situation, and they have to be relatively flexible so that the door can be conveniently closed to them if they use an ultra wide screen card.

let there be light! My love for packaging and white hardware is not for nothing. Neutral and light color is a great way to shed and scatter lighting.

Of course, we conducted a number of tests for this system to see that the package meets the hardware requirements and turns the heat efficiently. Examine the case with a complex side door and then remove it to see how the natural air circulation contributes to proper cooling.

The test conditions are: room temperature of 21 ° C, natural ambient noise of 28dbA and measurement at a distance of 30 centimeters from the case.

When open door mode:

The video card During an effort at 73 ° C, the processor was at 67 ° C. The ambient noise was 32.2dbA.

When closed door mode:

The video card During an effort at 74 ° C, the processor was at 65 ° C. The ambient noise was 30.6dbA

There has been a fairly decent improvement in the noise level that the computer produces, and it seems that cooling also does its job well. The computer becomes quieter when effortlessly when the door is closed than it is open and it is great.


It's nice to see some love for the medium-sized computer world. Not everyone wants huge monsters on the table and there is an existing niche of mATX and mITX users who want a solution that is suitable for these motherboards.

This chassis, especially in white, is a new spirit in the Mini Tower enclosures and its construction quality is quite good. With the use of large physical force at many points we did not find any weak points. Each frame is made of metal and a very respectable quantity. I think it's a very respectable addition to the series It is popular and good to know that there is also a smaller.

The price of the package is NIS 725, which is not cheap at all in the packaging world. I think my main criticism of this pack is mainly the fans themselves. I would be happy to see a slightly more aesthetic and uniform appearance regarding the number of fans and their installation.

I think that at this price level in order to make the case more cost-effective, Consider installing 4 fans and sanctifying the purity of the And airflow. I think this is a bonus that many users will appreciate.

Besides, I think it's a fantastic mATX package. Good fan mounting options, character support and excellent hardware type, also have compatibility for advanced water cooling.

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