The countdown begins: Intel's graphics cards will come in 2020

The competition for GeForce & Wins a time frame on the way to launch - but we'll all have to be patient with a lot of patience

Intel has provided us with several unexpected surprises in the past year: four-core low-power mobile processors, six cores in both mobile and stationary intermediate processors, a combination of different architectures and production technologies under the same name generation and even a combination of AMD graphics cores in its products - Almost certainly the decision to go back to a third attempt in the last two decades to develop and create its own dedicated graphic accelerators, with the clear intention of fighting against the long-standing consolidation of AMD and Both in the gaming world and in the professional and professional world.

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To succeed in this mission, the world's second-largest chip maker hired some of the world's largest semiconductors - headed by Raja Kodori, And decided to "defect" in order to lead the new graphic processing division that she created .

The timing of this official announcement is not very clear, but we are pleased that it came in order to sort out the mess

Intel's aggressive progress in the field has spawned several rumors that the company may introduce initial graphics processing cards Early next year, And now it seems that the company has decided to cool down the hopes and cut some of the disinformation - announcing that the first video cards of the division headed by Kodori will arrive only during the year 2020. This information may be disappointing to those who were convinced that the first products appeared in stores within a year, but at least gives us a first real update about this product category And also eliminates unnecessary illusions and fantasies To all those who may have already begun planning their next upgrade.

Let's hope that the space she takes for herself In advance will prevent delays and delays later, which may mention the company's disappointing attempts in the GPU in the middle of the previous decade

It is very possible that Intel itself will have silicon chips and even prototype hardware is operating in the labs early next year - but it seems that the commercial presentation to users will occur only at the beginning of the next decade, for better or for worse.