Counter Strike: Samsung began production of three-dimensional NAND chips in peak volume

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Sometimes, all you need is a small push in the right direction: a few days after Toshiba-SanDisk revealed that they would soon start producing serial chips (The market leader and the unit that has been producing 3D chips serially for nearly two years) came out with a counter-announcement and announced that they had already started mass production of V- 3-D in the same volume.

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Samsung's new chips are based on a structure of 48 layers of TLC transistors - characteristics similar to those of Toshiba-SanDisk (albeit slightly different in each), and are a practical doubling of the three-dimensional and standard chip volumes available to date, 128 Gigabits based on the structure of 32-based layers. Samsung also claims that the new 3D chips offer savings of up to 50 in power consumption compared to V- And are also cheaper to manufacture naturally (due to the savings in silicon on the way to the same volume including).

The first products that will be based on this new and third generation of V-NAND technology will probably only appear at the beginning of 2016, but when that happens we will see drives In 2 volumes, terabytes become a new standard in the 2.5-inch category, while volumes of one terabyte as an option for the M.2 drives for more compact systems. It remains to be hoped that not only the volume growth, but also the price cut, will reach the customers at the end of the chain.

Samsung wants to remind that it is still the world's largest technology leader in flash chips
Wants to remind that it is still the world's largest technology leader in flash chips

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