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Counter-current offers: High-quality storage products Low prices, just today at Amazon

Despite the general rise in hardware prices - the retail giant does not give up the opportunity to collaborate with Enabling a wide range of products at competitive costs

Every few months we see a comeback of juicy hardware deals shared by Amazon and the company - And to our delight, this trend seems to be continuing these days as well, with hardware prices climbing fast and making us miss the Black Friday days of late 2019.

By tomorrow morning (Wednesday, March 4) at 10:00 AM, you have the opportunity to purchase dozens of products Different from WD and Significant assumptions, and we're here to concentrate on them most conveniently. Great shopping!

drive Worth the lowest ever seen - a 550GB WD Blue SN500 model that comes up to a transfer speed of up to 2,400 MB per second for only $ 54.99 including free shipping, which means NIS 195 including the expected conversion fee.

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Those interested in a particularly advanced NVMe drive can opt for a 750TB WD Black SN2 with a body version Dedicated above the printed circuit and able to reach 3,400 megabytes per second transfer speeds - priced at $ 339.99 instead of $ 400 most days and $ 410.23 including taxes and home delivery. NIS 1,425 compared to more than NIS 2,200 in the local market.

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Investing NIS 1,400 in storage is never an obvious move - but it makes much more sense when considering this deal

Up-to-date Western Digital External Mechanical Storage P10 Game Drive Series, with Compatibility for Windows, MacOS and Consoles And PlayStation 4, sold for a base price of $ 91.99 for 5TB - and $ 112.07 includes an additional $ 390 in taxes. Certainly equal to those who are interested in volume Relatively large in a small, tough-looking mantle.

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Bargain 3TB internal mechanical hard drive at bargain price - $ 59.99 with no add-ons for WD Blue Model 5,400 RPM with 64MB of Quick cache, ie 210 shekels including a conversion fee compared to 360 shekels in the country for the same product.

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MicroSD expansion cards also drop to very low price levels - in some cases even the lowest ever: a tiny expansion card from the The $ 256 gigabyte Ultra sells for $ 27.99 (about NIS 98), with its combination with other products participating in the $ 50 or above shopping cart offer, even without the need for shipping. At the same time, the 400 GB Ultra drive is sold for $ 44.79 (about NIS 155), so here's a little extra to enjoy it along with reducing shipping costs to Israel.

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You can purchase a ticket together 256GB and 400GB for a total cost of $ 72.78, about NIS 255 - no add-ons required

Also the SanDisk series microSD cards Selling at great prices: $ 19.59 for 128GB, $ 39.18 for 256GB (both eligible for free shipping for over $ 50 total purchase) and $ 63.99 which is less than NIS 225 for 400 GB - Compared to price tags of NIS 465 and over for the exact same product in local stores.

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Feeling too rich? You can also go for the leading model in one terabyte of $ 207.99, close to the historical minimum - and $ 252.83 including home delivery and taxes, which is NIS 880 plus the expected conversion fee per transaction.

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You can find the full list of storage offers for today at the link below - you should definitely take a look before deciding.

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