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Daily Deal: 802.11ax router at a reasonable price

Want to prepare yourself for the next generation of right now? At Amazon Italy you will find an interesting model from Netgear at a competitive price

Products That support the latest and fastest standards in the field tend to be quite expensive business - but it is precisely in the generation of 6, or If you prefer, we have hope that things will be better and prices will reach more popular and reasonable levels quickly.

A good example of this is the Italian version of , A model name called RAX40 or Nighthawk AX4 from Netgear gets a cut of € 65 off its price with a thumbs up - and is now available for € 132.53 including VAT and shipping to your home, which is NIS 465.

This formatted router (please note that it does not include a built-in modem, and therefore requires a VDSL2 or DOCSIS 3 supported modem, depending on the infrastructure you are connected to), you will find a dual reception and transmission system for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, so that the maximum combined speed is obtained It is no less than 3,000 Mbps.

The product backs 802.11ac standards and promotes it naturally, and will work at its maximum agility capabilities only with consumers who also support the technology. 6 - Not many of them are in stores right now, but there is a significant and rapid expansion in this support in the coming year that you will be ready for in advance with such a router.

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Worth the investment at this point? Everyone will need to decide on the features of their personal wireless home network

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