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Daily Deal: NVMe drives are fast at prices without VAT

Samsung or Western Digital? You only have to choose the brand and enjoy rare prices for volume Extremely agile 500GB

A fast storage celebration is coming to us right now from two different ends of the Amazon empire - with one corner of Western Digital's WD Black SN750 drive and the other with the 970 EVO of , Both at a price that doesn't require you to add VAT to our delight.

Amazon Germany provides an opportunity to replenish the popular and popular home model of NVMe , Which comes with five years warranty and continuous transfer speeds of 3,300 MB per second - 78.28 euros including shipping to the country for a 500GB version, ie NIS 310, including the expected conversion fee compared to almost NIS 600 (!) For the same volume in local stores.

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It is quite rare to meet a VAT-free price for basic home SATA drives Half a terabyte - so when it comes to a model-free price Compact and modern in the same volume this is a real celebration

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Amazon United States is offering even lower final price for high quality WD Black SN750 model, with five years warranty and transfer speeds of up to 3,450 MB per second - $ 69.99 for 500GB volume only, no need for shipping and no extra for " M, so that the resulting cost is less than NIS 250, compared with prices of NIS 525 and over for the same product in Israel.

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Great doubt if you can find performance Better at a lower price somewhere in the market

Additional 2GB M.500 drive available at an exceptional price - Although not the NVMe standard, but the WD Blue 3D Definitely provides a response Proper and reliable, now at a final price of only $ 58.99 which is less than NIS 210 including shipping up to the door.

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  1. 78 Euro This is not below the VAT threshold, why is the calculated price exceeding NIS 310?

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