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Greetings from the future: Antek awards you prizes! (Last hours to competition - participate now!)

Have you watched the movie "Number One Player" and identified the manufacturer chosen to assemble the futuristic computer that appears in it? Now you have a chance to win the pack or Fully integrated water for free

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Antech, the hardware manufacturer that has been around for more than three decades, has invested a lot in recent years in creating unique and futuristic products that will appeal to modding enthusiasts and ordinary "simple" users alike - and it seems to be working well for it, Hollywood Hits Player number one (Or Ready Player One) were convinced, and chose its renowned Skeleton package as the base for the future, in 2045, in which Steven Spielberg's own plot takes place.

If you've seen the ambitious science fiction movie that has generated more than 500 revenue worldwide and, if not, is now awarded to you An opportunity to win details from Antek, Just like that, as part of the desire to mention the modest participation in the successful new film.

Antek's open case found itself in Hollywood - and you can profit from it

How do you participate?

To win all you are required to do is visit Facebook's Facebook page Israel (and if you love, do like!) And answer (in the form that follows this page) a simple question (from 3 options) - In what minute does the Antek's Skeleton package appear? (Hint: good things usually keep to the middle 🙂)

The sweepstakes will last for two weeks, during which an automated lottery management system will collect your votes and then be drawn Winning 2:

  • First prize: Case DF500 Colorful and exciting from Antek's house
  • Second Prize: Water for the Kuhler K120 processor from Antek

On the right - The K120, and on the left - the DF500 case in the " With its built-in color fans

Want to significantly improve your chances of winning?

Each participant is entitled to join the lottery in a number of ways, with each action giving him another "registration" and increasing his chances of winning. In addition, there is a daily bonus - you can enter the lottery page every day and collect additional registration - as a gift! 🙂

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עבור Every member That will be added through the unique link you will receive for sharing, you will receive 5 Subscriptions Bonus!

So what are you waiting for? lets start:

Greetings from the future: Antek awards you prizes!
The regimen will be held for two weeks and will end on Saturday night, 19, May 2018, at 23: 59.
Participation in the lottery is subject to the terms of the offer mentioned above and to the terms of use of the HWzone website.

Good luck!

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