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Dawn of the new day: Skylake-X has been here with an insane amount of processing cores

The latest rumors have been proven true - Walks the jackpot with a new generation of Which threatens to change the way the home market looks

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After waiting for almost a year and a half, the new generation of Extreme from home The company launched the Skyalke-X and Kaby Lake-X processors at the same time to close the generational gap with the mainstream series, and on the way gave us a new reality in the market in Sheba With eight, ten and even 12 processing cores no longer require a four-digit dollar amount from buyers.

Two families in one: many cores and a lot of cores

The Skylake-X family was designed as a relatively minor upgrade to the X--E known, but the rapid development of technology and increased competition seem to have brought it to a decision with significant upgrading and enhancement of capabilities - and now we actually have a sub-series of products, one being actually the direct heir of the models we saw in the previous era and the other offering us a whole new world with a lot of cores And potential Which were never readily available.

Seven new Skylake-X processors are being unveiled today, as part of the big media event At the Computex exhibition, i7 which we all know well and five from a whole new family called i9 - all with open frequency multiplier and full consumer rush support, all on the same platform New with a new LGA2066 chassis.

Decided not to save resources this time

Core i7-7800X will be the most affordable and basic model of the generation, with six physical processing cores operating at a basic 3.5GHz frequency and 4GHz maximum turbo frequency and with HyperThreading support that gives 12 logical cores to applications that know how to utilize it, as well as XNMon Shared with L8.25 (and a whole megabytes of personal L3 cache memory for each core), 2 PCI-Express 28 arteries that go straight from the processor to the motherboard's external connections, a massive 3.0 watt thermal shell and a price tag lower than 140 $. Of course, there is no built-in graphical kernel here - as with all other HEDT processors .

Not only loads of respectable cores and frequencies - but also the potential for further significant improvement by the users themselves. we hope

Core i7-7820X will offer eight physical processing cores and 16 3.6GHz base cores that can reach up to 4.5GHz under the new Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology (more on this below), 28 PCI-Express arteries and 11 mega Byte of memory L3. Recommended Price - 600 Dollar, or 100 Dollar Above Ryzen's Senior Octagon Model .

Core i9-7900X will equalize the previous record of In the home market with 10 physical processing cores (and 20 logic), 3.3GHz base frequency and impressive 4.5GHz maximum turbo frequency, significantly increased 44 PCI-Express 3.0 arteries coming from the processor, 13.75 megabytes of LXN cache And a $ 3 dollar price tag (or 1,000 dollar, which is technically still a three-digit sum), which announces a huge cost cut compared to the ten-core processor of the fourth generation-E.

There is also a completely new platform to support the huge technological leap

The four supermodels Will receive the names i9-7960X, i9-7940X, i9-7920X and i9-7980XE and as aforesaid offer 12 physical cores (24 logical), 14 physical cores (28 logical), 16 physical cores (32 logical) and for dessert their 18 physical processing cores (which are subject to specific working conditions, respectively) You will arrive in just a few months - and it seems that the chipwork and sorting work is still underway without any hard commercial decisions.

All of these models will benefit from a large 165 watt thermal envelope, from 44 PCI-Express 3.0 arteries and a very generous amount of L3 cache - as well as price tags that will be extremely massive at 1200 dollars to 12 cores, 1,400 dollars to 14 cores Dollar for 1,700 cores and 16 grandiose dollars for 2,000 cores - which is still a big discount compared to previous generations, if you look at the whole thing in terms of average price for each Available.

First models of Xs are expected to arrive in the coming weeks, but we assume that the most advanced and larger models will come later than the more basic ones, and therefore (among others)

Best performance in any situation?

One of the most interesting new capabilities in Skylake-X, which should be available on all new models except the i7-7800X is the Turbo Boost Max 3.0, which has technically been introduced in the Broadwell-E generation under the nickname Favorite But in fact it was not activated From the X99 platform - under which the system can test which cores out of all the available quantity are the highest quality, which means consuming the smallest amount of voltage at a given frequency and therefore emit less heat and give the potential to reach extremely high working frequencies.

Exploit the great technological capabilities of any software - and probably boast of extremely high 4.5GHz turbo frequencies even in lots of cores

The best two cores will automatically be marked on each system and on each processor, and these will be the cores to which all applications that can be based on a single core or a pair of cores (i.e., a significant portion of modern applications commonly found in the market) can be operated at the 200MHz frequency and possibly More compared to the maximum frequency available in a situation where there is a larger amount of cores used by a single application - when in practice this should minimize the same strange performance test results something that processors could see i5 and Mainstream i7 that comes with superior results over extreme slaves that cost more and more. Nice touch for maximum performance - to work as intended this time, we hope.

Soon in stores - prepare the cash

In addition, the new set of AVX512 commands support greater efficiency and performance than ever before for specific vector calculations, and should boost the performance of the new processors forward in support applications compared to previous models that support only the AVX and AVX2 commands.

In a big line to those who know how to use it

Now, we feel that we are really ready for the arrival of the new Threadripper family of , Which will finally determine the understanding that processors with 10 processing core become part of the world and our lexicon in gaming, editing and professional work from now on. Expect a lot more information on this subject very soon.

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