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International Backup Day: Large hardware operations on Amazon

Make sure you have all the equipment you need for quality, reliable local backups until tomorrow morning

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Today is a holiday for some of the hardware enthusiasts - the International Day of Backup, which is designed to emphasize the importance of the subject, which is often neglected and neglected, until the unfortunate accident that conceals information of emotional, personal or economic value. Need to improve your personal backup system? Today's operations at Amazon Were designed precisely for that purpose. Fun shopping!

SanDisk Extreme Extreme microSD card with 256GB And with A2 App Performance support available at the lowest price to date - $ 60.07 including shipping to Israel, ie approximately NIS 220.

Samsung Pro Endurance microSD card specifically designed for non-stop (or almost non-stop) photo applications requiring maximum reliability Available in price 37.2 USD includes shipping to 128GB volume - As always we recommend the addition of a few more products to the basket at a total cost less than 75 USD, which will distribute the relative shipping price without the addition of VAT.

A tough and durable ticket at a good price

A1000's revolutionary NVME drives are available at great prices 47.13 USD (about NIS 175) including shipping to the volume 240GB and-$ 82.19 (approx. NIS 300) including delivery to the house for 480GB volume.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD cards, with continuous transfer speeds of up to 95MBps, are sold at $ 39.48 to 145GB - and185.62 USD (675 IN SHEKELS) INCLUDES SHIPPING AND VAT FOR 512GB.

Samsung T5 external SSD drive with maximum 2 terabyte capacity Sold for 411.5 dollars, including VAT and shipping to Israel, which are 1,495 shekels - not cheap, but still worthwhile for those who want the maximum volume that can be easily taken on the road.

Kingston Data Traveler 50 USB drives are sold for 9.5 dollars to inflate 64GB and-20 dollars to double volume of 128GB - both with the addition of 7.2 dollars for a shipment that is recommended for a part in one order along with other products you want from the endless inventory of the online store.

Synology NAS facility for two 3.5 storage drives (Which they are required to purchase separately, it is worth noting) is sold at a final price of 179.79 USD - 655 NIS.

External hard drives at great prices: Toshiba 2TB Volume Drive At the price of 60.62 USD (approximately NIS 225) Western Digital My Passport Digital Drive 2TB At the price of 71.73 dollars (NIS 265) and for dessert 6TB drive of the same Western Digital Ownership of 134.08 dollars including VAT and delivery to the home, 490 shekels, is especially worthwhile.

Large drive with large volume, at the most competitive price

Also internal hard drives can be bought at surprising prices: Toshiba 4TB Series X300 At the price of 118.72 (NIS) Model 10TB from the same series of Toshiba At the price of 318.84 (NIS) Seagate's Barracuda Pro Series 10TB At the price of 347.96 (NIS) Seagate 12TB model At the price of 477.06 dollars (NIS 1,735) and for dessert Barracuda Pro's highest-capacity home drive of the 14TB At the lowest price to date of 550.84 dollars, which is approximately NIS 2,000.

For those who have to get maximum volume on their home systems - now there is reason to invest in one of the most sophisticated models in the environment

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