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Different colors, different hardware, single price: New budget NVMe drives from Patriot

The P300 family of the American brand will be based on controllers On the one hand and controllers On the other hand - hoping that this is what will allow prices to fall well below the recommended official values

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The flash-chip storage price climbs and the trend predicted by our experts does not bode well, but we continue to try to remain optimistic and affectionately accept any new announcement of a product that has the potential to make the practical costs in stores a little more competitive. Today we have With the new creation from the American Patriot: P300 drives for the The budgets will be available in a pair of similar but different configurations, separating North America and the rest of the world.

In the United States, the Patriot P300 will be offered with a blue-tinted circuit on which the Phison E13T controller has a dedicated dynamic memory, chipset 128D in TFT or IMF TLC configuration - and volumes of between 2GB and 2TB in M.80 configuration with 2 millimeters length (M.2280 XNUMX) Maximum random reads of up to 290,000IOPS in reading and up to 260,000IOPS in writing combined with Reads up to 2,100MBps read.

Similar on the outside, similar on the inside - but definitely not the same

In all other markets in the world, the Patriot P300 will be offered with a black printed circuit that symbolizes the main competitor for Phison's budget NVMe controller - the Silicon Motion SM2263XT, also without any built-in dynamic memory, with 128GB to 2TB volumes -Bate and with Same as the American drive, at least on paper. Which drive will offer better speeds and better operation efficiency? This is a question that will certainly be interesting to answer.

A large variety of different volumes and a variety of component suppliers - now you just have to wait for prices to be cut significantly

Both models of the P300 will be offered with a three-year warranty within 0.28 (or 28 percent) of the full drive volume each day. Patriot declares in advance that the main purpose of the new models is to provide a more advanced and formative solution That can only take advantage of a pair of arteries In their M.2 interface and common at the bottom of the modern storage market - but unfortunately its official recommended prices don't really indicate that, at $ 65 for a relative 256GB, $ 105 for 512GB, and $ 165 for one terabyte . At such levels you can find countless more sophisticated and interesting storage offers for the home user who strives to break the SATA limits.

Consumers shouldn't have a problem knowing what they get inside the drive they purchase - at least as far as identifying the central controller controller inside

Using Controllers And flash memories from a number of different companies designed to give Maximum flexibility in choosing the most affordable components at any given time, assuming that we, as Israeli consumers, will potentially have access to both versions of the P300 through local or overseas stores - so we can only hope that market conditions dictate the manufacturer's reality And bring prices down to tens of percent lower than those in the previous paragraph, and if that happens at some point - there may be an offer that cannot be ignored.

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