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Digital mining also crashes NVIDIA

After AMD, comes the turn of Expose financial statements that miss expectations - and severely damage market value

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It was probably unexpected After what happened to rival AMD, But only now it becomes official - Has released its financial report for the third quarter of 2018, and has also been forced to admit that the sudden collapse in the demand for digital video-mining cards harms its financial performance and will continue to do so in the near future.

Similar to what we saw in AMD, here, too, financial reporting can not be considered particularly third - Recorded revenues of 3.181 billion and net income of 1.15 billion, increases of 21 percent and 38 percent in relation to the data reported in the corresponding quarter in 2017. However, revenues were slightly lower than analysts' forecasts,, And that was enough to bring about a sell-off of the developer's share, and a fall of nearly 19 in the average share value.

Good data - but not good enough, it turns out

The four main divisions that make up the Recorded double-digit growth in the third quarter of 2018 compared to the same period last year, with the GeForce product line continuing to account for more than half of revenue with 1.764 billion, while the information center sector (referring to the Tesla line) records a 58 increase of 792 dollar. Only third-party chip development for other manufacturers A relative decrease compared to last year.

The temporary rise in demand and sales in the name of cryptographic mining mania has come to an end - and with it comes a difficult fall

B- Were forced to admit that they had much larger than expected chips and video cards destined for the cryptographic coin category, which was mostly erased as the value of the leading currencies fell, but expressed hope that they could sell the reserves without reaching the point where they need to write off their value - Liquidation prices "are more worthwhile for us, consumers, in the near future.

The quarter that ended recently was a new record for the Quadro, And NVIDIA's automotive technologies

Dessert, Expects revenues of about $ 2.7 billion in the final quarter of the year, less than the current quarter, and apparently $ 200 less than the corresponding quarter of the previous year, which certainly contributed to the decline in the company's market value after publication of the data and could contribute to the continuation of the trend if the company fails to meet the forecasts. This time, too, this is not bad data - but it certainly demonstrates that the Sun Zhen-huang's empire is not immune to difficulties and challenges, and will need changes in order to maintain the competitiveness and success we have seen in recent years.

The company's stock reached a one-and-a-half-year low, with more than 40 down from its record high of a month and a half ago, which also dwarfs the considerable challenge facing the red competitor AMD

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