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Do not give up VR without wires

Virtual reality back computers are returning to a second round and colorful - thanks to Zotac

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Shortly after the arrival of the G- and the- Vive market, presented to us High quality but also required considerable external processing power to connect them regularly to operate, we began to see the first signs of technologies that will make the experience more convenient and accessible - both in the form of dedicated wireless adapters and a much more surprising configuration of wearable PCs.

The concept was unexpected, the application was not optimal and prices were generally sky - but it seems that in the company Find enough positive light points to justify a second generation into the category. Meet the VR GO 2.0.

The new chassis offers an upgrade to the core Skylake core processing unit for a modern core of the Coffee Lake era Core i7-8700T with a reduced power envelope of 35W, combined with a GeForce GTX 1070 video card as in the previous generation - Which is expected to continue to provide a proper user experience in most of the applications that exist within the virtual reality glasses supported. There is also 16GB of memory , Drive NVM based on 240GB, a space for an additional 2.5 SATA drive and connectivity and- Built-in.

The VR GO 2.0 is slightly smaller and lighter than its predecessor, including a built-in LED light, six Type A USB connections, one USB Type-C connection, an SD card reader, a pair of 8.5 audio connections , HDMI 4.7 connectors, connector 1.3 and a Gigabit Ethernet connection. In addition, the new configuration allows the computer to stand on or off the table without blocking the connectors in it - so that there is a practical ability to use it twice as a computer VR When necessary and as a standard desktop personal computer.

pair The VR GO 2.0 is designed to give it an hour and a half of operation without connecting to an outlet, with the option of using one battery at a time - and charging the other battery for hot swap without interrupting the computer.

We still do not know how much this new device will cost - but there is no doubt that this is an unusual niche in the market., And that we did not really expect to see continuity for her. Is there a chance that a computer-case is the right future for VR? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.


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